What Vibration Are You At?

Life is a decision of what vibration you want to be at. There really is no good or evil. There is quality of vibration. What quality do you vibrate at?  My fingers have been trained to type and play guitar. Does that make my fingers better than my toes? No. My fingers simply vibrate at a higher level than my toes. My fingers are having a higher vibrational experience than my toes.

vibrationPolitics in the Street

Trump hysteria has the lower vibrations humming from top to bottom. Anti-Trump demonstrations in the streets are a sign that people are vibrating everywhere. My vibrations are right here on this blog. I didn’t even go to Mass this Sunday morning because we are having a ten year high in the desert today as it is expected to be 116 degrees here today.

My Avatar Vibration

My vibration level is set to the stream of consciousness body of Christ. My life is complete. My life is wholly integrated. I am living as an avatar the Godhead. The people I vibrated with yesterday no longer interest me now.  Thing like learning how to write by creating these words is what interests me now.

god vibrationVibrating Happily or Being Right

My life of prayer and contemplation vibrate me into my own realm of happiness. I am no longer of this world. I have never really been a part of this world. Thriving in my alone time I am reinventing new uses for the wheel.

Inventing New Places to Put Old Wheels

What new idea is waiting just around the corner for you to discover it. Truman Capote invented the true crime novel. I want to invent something like that with this blog. I want this blog to be like a good book motivating young people like Capote motivated me when I was thirteen years old and I read In Cold Blood. Wow what a novel experience! The problem is that In Cold Blood, like most effective art today, uses violence.