Engage Your Top

Learn how to make your lovers say that you are an engaging bottom who leans hard into the action. Are you so engaged while getting fucked that you actually push back into your top while he is pumping you? If you are going to embark upon a life of homosexuality it is very important to develop an advanced sexual skill set. A professional homosexual knows how to receive anal intercourse in the reverse cowgirl position. If you want to get great reviews put some passion into everything you do in life!

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It is very important for bisexuals to lean hard into the gay action. When I first started out in gay life I was afraid everyone would know that I was really a beginning bisexual who was faking being queer. Totally gay men have very high standards when it comes to sexual performance. Don’t get lazy and be a bad lay. Make sure you always push back!

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There is good reason to obtain a quality anal sex education. Because if you are a bad lay you can get kicked out of the homosexual lifestyle brand. Don’t be a lousy lay or you can lose your gay card. In order to become a superior gay lover there are places you can go and things you can do to speed up your homosexual education. Do not get left behind.

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Become An Engaging Member of The Community

Do you push yourself to the edge in everything that you do?It is important to become engaged with your brick and mortar flesh and blood world. Don’t just bury your face in your mobile device. Get out and engage your world by trying new things in life.

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It is also important to have the digital skills to be able to articulately engage the digital world of homosexual fantasy life. This post will use digital sexual education to prepare you for the real world. Today’s lesson is that a good top is also a good bottom because he knows what it feels like.

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A Top Should Also Know What It Feels Like to Bottom

If you are going to fuck someone up their ass you should at least know what it feels like to get fucked yourself. That is why in gay life you often hear the aphorism: The best tops are also good bottoms. That is because you become more skilled as you increase your knowledge base.

Do you know what if feels like to have your face fucked? Have you ever fucked a face? Become an engaging lover and increase your homosexual knowledge base.

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Learn Gay Sex At Gay Sex Party’s

A good place to learn how to become an engaging sex partner is to go to a residential clothing optional gay sex pool party. There will always be a bedroom converted into a sex play room. You can also go to a gay bathhouse however the bathhouse is a serious affair more suited for professional homosexuals.

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Palm Springs Professional Homosexuals For Higher Anal Education

Superior professional homosexuals often live in Palm Springs, California and the surrounding desert communities. Surprisingly there are many homosexual Africans in places like Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City who will come over in a hot second. Thanks to my extremely engaging gay sex life in Palm Springs I have gotten most of the gay out of my system. If you want to obtain an incredible gay education and learn professional homosexual techniques you could move to the desert for two years like I did. Professional gay sex with Palm Springs professionals made me a very engaging lover with men, women, transvestites and most importantly myself.

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