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Are You Initiated?

There is a portal in your neighborhood where men are initiated into illumination. You have driven past this portal a hundred times without thinking very much about it. Sometimes the best place to hide a secret is to keep it right out in the open where everyone can see it. Keep a secret out in the light and pretty soon the secret will be taken for granted. There is a doorway to eternity that leads to your merging with infinity but you have to knock on the door and ask. It’s all happening at King Solomon’s Temple.

Solomon’s Ride

My temple was broken and had to be rebuilt. It took a lot of time and effort to rebuild my broken temple. Now the refurbishing is almost complete. Fortunately I will have a few good years left to live in my ivory tower on the hill.

All my life I have lived a kind of monastic existence. I was ready to live in a monastery when I was young and I should have seriously considered that career option.

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I have to remember my modified vow of silence as I go about my day. I really prefer not talking to people. I am no good at verbal communication. I get all jacked up and flustered. I am like Andrew Jackson when I try and talk. Andrew Jackson was not a talker he was a doer. When Andrew Jackson first went to Washington as a politician he was so passionate that he couldn’t communicate well with his voice. God told me not to talk so much because I get all riled up like Andrew Jackson. God told me to take a modified vow of silence.

New Year

This is my new topic for 2019. I need new topics and a new outlook. My life is on ice until my next big phase begins later this year. There is a portal to an illumined life awaiting you. Are you initiated? What I really want to know is: Are. You. Experienced?

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