eva fairchild

Eva screwed me with no lubrication

Eva Fairchild fucked me and I didn’t even get to have sex

When Eva Fairchild couldn’t get her gay landlord Adam Cardenas to fix the broken plumbing she got out of her residential lease at Comfy House Foods by deception. Eva got out of her lease by inserting Dr. Allen and myself into it. Eva and I met at the Playa Vista Dog Park. The guest house at 6441 W. 87th Street has a yard for dogs. My German shepherd Dharma was on her last legs. Dr. Allen and I had just met each other and were looking for a rental. So Eva Fairchild came to our rescue and offered her dog friendly rental to us. However Eva Fairchild, international luxury real estate agent, failed to disclose the uninhabitable and possibly dangerous broken plumbing at Comfy House Foods.

Eva Fairchild Failed To Disclose The Broken Water Temperature Controller

The broken plumbing at our guest house rental set the tenor of my whole relationship with Dr. Paul Allen, obgyn. It took the gay landlord six months to fix the broken shower and replace the hot water heater. We only lived at 6441 W. 87th for two years. Eva never admitted that the water temperature controller on the shower was broken. It is illegal for a licensed California real estate agent to fail to disclose dangerous and/or uninhabitable conditions such as plumbing that has fallen into disrepair.

Problem Landlords Are My Business and Business is Good

There is currently a dangerous situation with broken plumbing at Woodside Village Apartment Homes in West Covina, California. Satellite Management Company thinks that they can simply evict me instead of fixing the problem. Woodside Village should have just me to on my way to better things instead of threatening to evict me. I tried to get out of my Woodside Village lease in December of 2108. Woodside Village should have let sleeping dogs lay.

eva fairchild
Is something wrong with Eva’s lips?
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