Giving Back The Apple

Eve Returns the Forbidden Fruit

Even though she was now a working mother, Eve still found the time to develop her spirituality after leaving the Garden Eden. She began meditating into God consciousness. After meditating for eight years she experienced the infinite nature of her consciousness.


Eve experienced her infinite relationship to eternity. She was released from her hypnosis of the belief in duality. First Eve stopped believing in good and in that instant she was relieved of the delusion of evil. The girl decided to return the stolen belief system to the Tree ten-fold on behalf of all of humanity, not just women or her own family. The modern totally enlightened Eve believed in coexistence and the egalitarian sharing of power. Eve didn’t even blame the serpent for its own natural snake-like qualities. Eve felt newfound compassion for all things reptilian.

eve serpent sexy

To the serpent she said: “Oh misinformed creature make yourself useful. Return this forbidden fruit you have stolen from God.” The snake placed the ten apples back upon the Tree of the Belief in Good and Evil.

To the man she said: “Stop your misinformed mass murdering mind. We can meditate our return to the Garden of Eden now.”

In that renewal of the Universal God-Mind all of Mankind was released from the mass hypnosis of the belief in good and evil and reunited in cosmic oneness with God. The entire planet woke up to the spiritual reality that only God exists.

If Only God Exists Then Why Do Children Suffer?

If God is the only thing that exists in the Universe then how can children be tortured and murdered? Because there is no God Consciousness present anywhere near the crime. God is present during every murder. The murdered baby was not holding God Consciousness because children are too young to do that. If a spiritual healer intentionally prayed Christ Consciousness into the babe then the murderer would attain Christ Consciousness. The adults responsible for the child had no God consciousness present in them at the moment of their child’s demise. Of course the child murderer has no God consciousness but God is present during every murder nonetheless. God is just not present in anyone’s consciousness who is involved in the crime. God only exists in the consciousness of the individual. If God consciousness was strong enough in the young person being murdered then the murderer would be healed and cease his murdering. If a mystic or spiritual healer were meditating God Consciousness into the minds of the participants then there would be no murder because everyone would be be God.

Ceasing My Murdering Mind by Praying for My Enemies

I have stopped murdering so many people in my mind these days. Not a whole lot less fatalities littering the landscape but I am definitely fantasizing a lot less about killing my enemies. Now I pray for them and it feels really good for me. I really wonder if my enemies feel anything when I pray for them? It feels so good for me to pray for my enemies that I wonder what they feel if anything? Perhaps you could send me an email.

Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

God does not reach out and touch every act of man or force of nature. Man must cast his bread upon the waters or cast his pearls before swine. Either God exists within your own consciousness or not at all. God exists in my consciousness because I had to work at it by practicing God consciousness. I was really broken and God is all that can fix me. No human power can relieve my suffering. No human mind can fix me, especially not my own. Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned and so meditation is my medication.