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Thank You For Illustrating Our Rules of Engagement – DOG EAT DOG IN COVINA

Every Mason For Himself

The next time Jennifer tries to lay that: “You are supposed to behave like Masons” bullshit on me I am calling her out on it. It’s every Mason for himself, is what I have been seeing for the past nine months.

Jen told me if I had a complaint about Bro. Michael Magliano running me off the sidewalk with his bicycle, that I should put any such complaint of mine in writing. Okay, here is my written complaint about cyclists failing to yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk at the Masonic Home in Covina.

Michael Magliato’s Apartment

Notice of Dangerous Condition at Masonic Homes Covina

When I am walking on campus and Michael Magliano swerves into me, I automatically jump of the way. At that time, I did not realize that Magliano’s actions were an intentional attempt to intimidate me. Now I know. What if next time I cannot jump out of Magliano’s way? If Magliano’s bike impacts my body, it may cause severe injury to myself or perhaps even Mr. Magliano. Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is dangerous and it is also against the law.

Magliato is the only person who rides a bike on our beautiful campus, it would be very easy for him to conduct himself in a respectful manner. Instead Magilato chooses to isolate himself from the rest of the community. I befriended Magliato and attempted to bring him into the community. Now he is paying me back by stealing the newspapers in the morning and intimidating me physical. I want to thank Mr. Magliano for illustrating the rules of engagement to me. It’s every man for himself as far as my relationship with Magliano goes.

This has nothing to do with bike riding, just like stealing the community newspaper has nothing to do with reading the newspaper. Magliato steals the newspaper but doesn’t read the damn newspaper. Have you or anyone you know ever seen Michael Magliato sitting in the reading room reading anything? Magliato is not a part of the Masonic Homes community and therefore the only way he can assert himself is to steal things, intimidate people on his bike, wear women’s clothing and ugly wigs.

every mason for himself

Director of Nursing Rachel Barnes Illustrated How the Staff Really Feel About the Residents

Staff laughs at the residents. I could always feel it and now I have seen it. DON Rachel Barnes had a great laugh at my expense yesterday. When I asked her why she failed to prevent Bro. Steve Hawkins unsanitary actions in the dining hall she rudely said, “I can’s give out any private medical information.” I don’t want Hawkins medical records I want him to stop sneezing on me. Again she intoned “I can’t give out any personal and private information on Steven Hawkins'” Rachel, Ernie and the girls were all sitting around Milking the Masonic Cow, when I had the audacity to inquire why she had not lived up to her promise she made to me on Friday, March 6, 2020. Rachel Barnes said the she took care of the problem of Bro. Steve Hawkins projectile sneezing of his breakfast in dining hall in the morning. Bro. Hawkins provides a stunning example of the axiom, every Mason for himself at the Masonic Home Covina.

Rachel Didn’t Play the “Medical Information” Excuse In Judy’s Office

When Judy was present, Rachel didn’t have the balls make her little: “I can’t give out medical information” spiels.

I want to thank Nurse Rachel for illustrating the rules of engagement to me. I can’t wait to play the “I can’t discuss my private medical condition” card myself. However unlike Ms. Barnes, I’ll play the medical information card in front of Judy, Jennifer and the whole campus.

The very next day, Mr. Hawkins sneezed louder, longer and more times than ever before. What is really disturbing about Mr. Hawkins communal sneezing is the amount of vocalization he puts into it. Steve is a large man with a loud voice and when he sprays his food in the air he yells at the top of his lungs as he sneezes. Why is this man yelling so loud? Because it’s every Mason for himself.

Michael Magliato is a Jack Mason

The term Jack Mormon defines a fake Mormon and Jack Freemason refers to a fake Freemason. A real Mason is an orderly gentleman, not a repugnant slob. Authentic Masons are well educated, sophisticated and refined. Real Masons do not have four bicycles cluttering up the yard of a one-man retirement apartment. Michael Magliato is a Jack Mason, just look at his apartment . . .

magliato's apartment exterior
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