Everyone is selling recovery. Even comedians are selling recovery and that’s not funny!

comedy recovery russell brand
Recover your inner comedian with Russell Brand

These days it seems like everyone is selling recovery and so I’m glad I got it for free before it was too late. I recovered from alcoholism in A.A. for free but Rachel Hart wants me to pay her to tell me that I got it all wrong. Ms. Hart will be the first to tell you that she is not an alcoholic, drug addict or even a doctor but she is selling recovery. She wants to tell you everything wrong with Alcoholics Anonymous and that sounds dangerous to me. Ms. Hart is teaching “harm reduction” which is the notion that alcoholics can return to “normal” drinking.

Now even comedian Russel Brand is selling the 12 steps to non-alcoholics just like my first Primetime A.A. mentor K.C.P. I got sober in K.C.’s Primetime A.A. meetings in 2004 through 2006. Back then he taught me how to treat my alcoholism with the 12 Steps for free. Now K.C. is selling 12 Step recovery to non-alcoholics and so are lots of other comedians. K.C. is trying to sell C.D.’s of his 12 Step meetings. Everyone is selling recovery!

russell brand is selling recovery
Comedian Russel Brand is selling universal recovery for $199.99 but I will give it to you in these blogs for free

The 12 Steps help people to recover for free

It is possible for traumatized people to recover within the context of 12 Step meetings. In 2004 I was a sad and lonely soul when R.B. took me to my first Primetime A.A. meeting in North Hollywood. When I first heard K.C. a light went on in my life. Primetime A.A. helped me to recover from my alcoholism when “regular” neighborhood A.A. could not. Primetime teaches practicing the 12 Steps and talking about drinking is forbidden. There are no drinking stories or “drunkalogues” in Primetime.

Are you an ideologue selling your opinions or an authentic healer?

However K.C. was and still is an egoist and an ideologue. He does not like to let intelligent people share or talk in his meetings or on his Facebook page. K.C. wants rich followers and rock stars. K.C., Russel Brand and Rachel Hart are ideologues selling their ideas. The 12 Steps teach the sufferer to be a self-healer, not become addicted to another person.

K.C.’s meetings used to be filled with rock stars and rich people. But he got busted for having sex with young newcomers. Then he started selling the 12 Steps to non-alcoholics. When I took K.C. to his first Sunday religious service at Agape he tried to sell recordings of his A.A. meetings to the church bookstore!

Now instead of packed meetings with standing room only, there are only a handful of sycophants and devotees at his meetings. His guided meditations were the deal braker for me. When he talks about God he makes me cringe. When K.C. does straight 12 Step monologues he is the best, it helped me to get sober. When he tries to be a spiritual speaker he falls flat and I have to leave. Plus he does not like to let me talk in his meetings. People can immediately see through his falseness. K.C, dropped out of school in the seventh grade, he failed to educate himself and it shows.

kc pierson top leader cult of primetime aa
K.C. was great when he did pure AA but now he wants to treat all addictions with the 12 Steps, not just alcoholism
Primetime prohibits total transformation

In all Primetime meetings in order to be accepted you must talk about your “untreated alcoholism.” What Primetimers mean by untreated alcoholism is an inarticulate reference to acting out and verbalizing unhealed trauma. There is no talk of having God remove our defects. I practiced the Sixth Step and became ready to have God remove my defects. Then I practiced the Seventh Step and humbly asked God to remove my defects. Primetime does not get into having God remove our defects. Instead Primetime focused on the psychobabble of diseased alcoholic thinking. Sketchy.

My licensed clinical therapist helped me to attain complete healing from trauma and addiction

In order to completely recover mind, body, brain and soul you need a place where you are convinced that it is completely safe to let go. That only happens when you feel safe at a visceral level. You need to allow yourself to connect that sense of safety with memories of past helplessness. My licensed therapist used EMDR to help me to heal completely from my trauma. My alcoholism is a symptom of my underlying trauma. The work I did using Steps 8 and 12 in conjunction with The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk also helped me to conquer my demons. I had to out grow up and grow out of A.A. to realize and practice self-awareness and mindfulness.

In Primetime you must bring your defects and helplessness into your present way of talking, thinking an acting. Primetime gurus erroneously assume that they discovered the monkey mind. In Primetime monologues you must stay in your defects and talk about them in an entertaining, self-aggrandizing manner. “I don’t feel like I deserve the million dollars that I just made.” “I just made enough money to purchase a Rolex watch but I do not feel that I deserve it.” Etc., etc.

In Primetime A.A. you are not allowed to completely heal your trauma, you are encouraged to stay in your trauma. Unfortunately in Primetime there is no practicing of the Sixth Step, wherein I become completely ready to have God remove all of my defects and then in the Seventh Step I humbly ask God to remove my defects. The 12 Steps don’t say to talk about my defects like I am an amateur psychologist, the goal is to have my Higher Power remove my alcoholic thinking. In Primetime trauma is packaged into an entertaining spiel about “unhealed” alcoholism. Primetime leaders like K.C. deliver ideologues about dry drunk thinking instead of drunkalogues about wet drunk activity. And they do it in an underhanded self-aggrandizing manner.

I got sober in A.A. for free but then I outgrew it and branched out into mindfulness of healing my trauma. You can recover for free by reading the recovery blogs on this website. Recovery is about humility and self-awareness. That is why I am not a big name A.A. speaker like the people in Primetime that I got sober with. I have out grown A.A. and even out grown the world.

everyone is selling recovery

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.