Your Own Personal Brain Evolution


We are what we repeatedly do,
Excellence, then, is not an action, but a habit.

Primarily we register conscious thought in the brain by:

1. Recalling,
2. Recognizing (re-cognizing), and
3. Declaring what we have learned.

You can evolve your brain with knowledge and experience.

Knowledge is short term memories or semantic knowledge filed away in the brain by the intellectual mind. Experience is long term memories or episodic experience formatted by the brain in the senses body mind in order to reinforce the mind to remember even better. These latter types of thoughts tend to stay in the brain longer, because the body participates in sending important electrochemical signals to the brain to create feelings.  Experience lasts longer than knowledge because the body electricity synergizes with the brain chemistry.

  1. THINKING is learning knowledge in the form of semantic memory as a way to declare consciously that we have learned knowledge. THINKING about surfing.
  2. DOING is the modification of habitual behavior into creating a new experience. Experiences that we have never embraced before provide just the right newness of cumulative sensory information to create a new flush of chemistry and new activated circuitry. An increase in the threshold of freshly combined stimuli from seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling is almost always a sufficient cue to form long-term memories because now the body is involved. DOING (most effectively, something novel and sensual) is what puts THINKING into long-term memory. DOING surfing.
  3. BEING comes from repeatedly DOING what we have been THINKING about and explicit declarative has become

Procedurally demonstrating what we know is to possess a memory in implicit form and we are on our way to becoming a master of that knowledge. We can now demonstrate our knowledge by automatically “being” exactly what we have learned.


Mental workouts are a necessity in order to evolve the brain. They are the way I stop the conscious self from wandering off (“going unconscious”) and becoming distracted by familiar things in my environment, with the associations that could cause me to think in terms of the past. In a sense rehearsal lays down the tracks so that the mind has a new path for the body to follow. Even one experience of applied information will begin cementing knowledge into a deeper meaning and the brain will evolve.

When we can activate the same level of mind to recreate the desired experience again and again, we are in the final stages of change.

I eventually get the body to become the new mind, and the body can take over. Initiating—just by a single thought-the action of who or what I am demonstrating, and letting the body act as the mind’s servant, is how we move to a new self. 


Unconscious knowingness marked more by an absence of thought more than anything else. In a way, it is declaring that we have a nondeclarative system in place. We don’t need to declare we are something because we just are it.

To have our actions consistently match our intent is always what separates us from the average in anything we do. In evolving our brain, we are always in the process of moving from explicit into implicit systems, over and over again.


  1. Declare that I consciously choose to become a
    motivational speaker and consciousness coach.
  2. Remember this at all times as I think, speak and act.
  3. Become the hybrid consciousness experience.
  4. Repeatedly write, speak, act, market, sell The Rainbow Method of Experiential Transcendence.
  5. Nondeclaratively and subconsciously
    become Rainbow Healing Energy

Involve myself, my senses and my actions of becoming Rainbow Method Healing and Wholeness. Self-reflect, self-observe and ask myself how I can do better things to refine my skills, actions and attitudes of healing love and compassion I am affirming as a work in progress. To self-correct on a regular basis is to observe my automatic thoughts, unconscious actions, and routine habits.


Changing implicit habits is difficult because the body holds the reins on the mind, determining most of our unconscious, hardwired actions. We fall back into our mental wheelchairs and behave just as we swore we never would. Break the habit of being ourselves by monitoring our thinking processes that result in anxiety, judgment and unworthiness.

Most people will make one or two attempts in actually trying to accomplish the above feat. The ones who persist and continue with effort and practice will master the act, and like anything we do with consistent frequency, intensity, and duration, we can change the brain neurologically. Once it has been changed, this little trick will look as simple as riding a bike.



By soliciting instruction and feedback, combined with honest self-observation and self-awareness, I am able to self-correct and learn from my mistakes and therefore will naturally perform better next time. It is sensual and seductive to go out and demonstrate new skills and newly minted aspects of my personality because I will receive immediate feedback. If I’m really fortunate, I’ll receive additional instruction. Receiving feedback and instruction are crucial to the process of evolving myself.

Most important is the idealized self that I desire to construct. I have a broad spectrum of skills and information to become a tutu guru. When I walk about I see the world much differently than the common man.

The connoisseur’s more evolved mind with its more enriched circuitry enables me to enjoy a greater level of reality. I continually upgrade my experiences, thus my perceptions of my life and reality. For example I have progressed from intuitive to clairvoyant to psychic to sage.

Gathering Self-Knowledge:

I acquire new knowledge with a purposeful intent—as a means of evolving my brain and, by extension, my life. I have always studied cults, spirituality, leaders and subjects who exhibit the qualities I want for my own life. I need to compare myself to the model I am creating.

Seeking Out Instruction:

Feedback in its strictest sense is a response to an input. Ideally we have the ability to self-monitor, self honestly revealing self to self. However sometimes we can evolve faster with a third party instructor. How we react to feedback varies from person to person. I take feedback very well. Immediate feedback is often the most beneficial, because the cause-and-effect nature of the input is clearer. I am a good student because I want to evolve fast. 

Feedback in any form and from an aspect of our immediate environment should never be taken personally. Humility leads to improvement. A malleable soul with a soft heart can evolve fast in a harsh environment. I did!

Attitude Adjustment:

When I walk around in the world and practice my new skills, beliefs or attitudes, I am taking an important and necessary step in evolving myself.  When I set out to demonstrate my new skill or ability, I inevitably rely on the environment to provide clues as to how I am doing. Did I emotionally evolve or did I just quietly go crazy?

In the past my internal state did not match my external demonstration and, therefore, I was not being compassionate. When the demonstration of my modified actions produces the desired external feedback and my internal state matches that intent, I am controlling the mind and the body, both neurologically and chemically. I control to evolve. 

To accurately assess my new level of mind, I must self-reflect to examine whether what I am doing is congruent with how I am feeling. If it is not then I must insert a new plan in my mental rehearsal so that the next time, I evolve both my actions and my feelings.

Priming, Behavior, and Implicit Memory:

When we make playing the martyr or feeling unworthy implicit, we do so without the intervention of the conscious mind. We do not evolve. We have wired those circuits to the cerebellum, and both the brain and body have these tasks memorized almost like blinking and breathing. 

Once we have a conscious thought in our neocortex, and unconscious thought/associative memory/implicit memory fires in response to our environment, and causes us to think equal to this stimulus. This is called priming: we have an unconscious response to an external source that makes us think and act in a certain way, without even being conscious of why we are doing it. Priming finds its origins in the nondeclarative memory system. To prime is to evolve. 

With priming, a brief, imperceptible stimulus provides enough activation for a schema (a mental structure of some aspect of the world) to be rolled out. Schemas enable us to function in the world without necessitating purposeful thought. For example, we have a schema for a door, so that no matter what kind of door we encounter, we negotiate it. 

This means we are unconscious most of our waking day. We are “being” familiar with our familiar memories that we have wired from so many unconscious habits. If we are not getting the chemicals we have become accustomed to, a voice from our past begins to fire in our brain. Once we have that thought (which is a result of our chemically addicted body screaming back to the brain that it needs a fix), the corresponding neural network will fire. The next thing we know, we are unconscious and acting without thinking, creating states of anger, depression, hate, unworthiness, victim hood and insecurity. 

Television and consumer culture bombards us with mental programs creating feelings of separation from self, sickness, being deprived and conspicuous consumption. When we unconsciously respond to cues in our world matching our own social and personal limitations we are not exercising free will. Consumer culture does not want us to evolve. 

To be primed, baited, hypnotized and led by a rope is to be unconsciously controlled by the external world, and we behave accordingly, generally with emotional immaturity.

Turning the Tables on Priming:

Mental rehearsal is another type of escape from the enslavement of environmental priming. Going within to rehearse provides us with the type of perspective alteration that is a necessary precursor of truly evolving our brain and behavior. When we rehearse long enough, we will produce a deeper change that occurs at a deeper level of consciousness.

Just as priming allows us to notice more vehicles just like the one we recently purchased, if we focus on becoming a more loving and grateful person in our mental rehearsal, we will not only realize more things we have to be loving and grateful over, but we will also witness more acts of love and gratitude that we can assimilate into our ideal. When we change our implicit perception from a negative one (the world is inherently unfair) to a better one (I deserve good things and I have them all around me), we go from seeing things unconsciously, based on past memories and experiences, to seeing things consciously. When we consciously choose to focus our attention on exploring more evolved virtues, we have gone from an implicit, unconscious view of the world to an explicit perception. As we practice this new attitude consistently, we will change this new state of mind into an implicit memory.

Mental Rehearsal is a Self-Priming Mechanism:

We can use this concept of an unconscious cue triggering our implicit system to our advantage. Mental rehearsal serves as a self-priming mechanism. If we work on creating a model of ourselves as a restrained and patient person, then as we sit in solitude, that concept of ourselves becomes more real than anything in our environment. Thus time and space recede and our past identity as an angry, impatient person also recede. If that thought of the new version of ourselves becomes more real to us, then we have primed ourselves for another, more positive kind of cascade effect. We have primed ourselves to be tolerant, instead of the environment causing us to think and act with unconscious neural habits. Because priming activates circuits that cause us to behave in certain ways, we can prime our brain to function equal to a focused ideal. Instead of spiraling downward, we can rise upward. In this way, we demonstrate that it is possible to change, that we can disconnect ourselves from the environment and the collective influences that have shaped us. When we mentally rehearse, we are priming the brain to help us be at cause in the environment, instead of feeling the effects of it. Self-priming allows us to be greater than the environment. And being greater than the environment is what evolution is all about.

One seductive little caress of a positive self-prime attached to the stimulus of other people creates an entire web of love, acceptance, affection, bonding, joy and happiness in my explicit memories on their way to becoming implicit automatic neural nets.

I travel within to create a higher level of consciousness, sexuality and living, like a connoisseur of existence possibilities.

Scientific evidence shows that the brain is as changeable as the words I write in this word processing program. The irony of this is that the way out of the mess I’ve created requires me to use the same tools I used to get myself into it. Considering the events of my life from a slightly different perspective may be all that is required.

All I can know is based on what I perceive. What I perceive is based on what I experience. The lesion here is that I am able to perceive only what my brain is organized to tell me.

We all have the power to reinvent ourselves by constructing a new paradigm as mentally healthy.

To change is to break the physical and mental conditioning of being ourselves, then the same subconscious mind that is keeping our heart beating will navigate us to a new future.





Repeat This Until It Naturally Becomes




Unworthy Feelings


Awareness of Wanting Acceptance


Initiate the Process of Demonstrating

Repeat This Until It Naturally Becomes


I Naturally and Automatically Feel Love and Acceptance and Therefore Worthy of Attention

Mentally insert myself into situations, real and imagined, to practice the behaviors that I want to, and need to, and have to change. Then transfer those skills of social adroitness, attraction, and humor from the explicit realm of mental inner life to the implicit nature of social external life.


The best way to be rid of old memories and painful past associations is to make new memories. I can steal neural growth factor that once cemented those painful old memories, and redistribute it to create new bonds.

My ultimate goal in evolving my brain is to move not only to a higher level of mind and consciousness, but also to move through the evolutionary process to the point at which I don’t have to keep my attention fully focused on my new ideal.

We can evolve our brain only by first becoming conscious. When we awaken our consciousness and become aware, we can make a new mind. That new mind then creates a new brain system. The brain will continue to upgrade its systems through experience. Once the physical body has been trained to know what the mind knows, that vital information is passed along to a new generation. By neurochemically encoding repeated events through the mastery of knowledge and experience, we will genetically become what we have mastered. We inherently encode what becomes “natural,” and it manifests itself in nature. Once we can perform anything naturally, it is now our very nature. It is our job to nurture our very nature until what we nurtured becomes natural. That is evolution. Naturally!

One experience is not enough to produce this cascade of permanent effects. We have to be able to adapt to life’s circumstances, and then repeat an experience many times in order to master it into implicit memory.

Just as conversational communication depends on feedback, the same applies to my attempts to evolve.

To Consciously Access the Subconscious

The four states of daily brain activity are:

  1. Beta wave. Fully conscious, thinking state.
  2. Alpha wave. Less conscious of external, light meditative state.
  3. Theta wave. Somewhat conscious. Halfway between waking and sleep. Half-awake, but body relaxed and catatonic.
  4. Delta wave. Completely unconscious and catatonic. Subconscious level, deep restorative sleep.

The ability to move among these four states is important because if we can remain conscious and slow the brain’s rate so that we are producing Theta waves, we can be conscious in the subconscious realm. Or will only works in the conscious realm. To remain in Theta wave state is to gain dominion over somewhat subconscious mechanisms. In this state our mind is no longer preoccupied with the environment and needs of the body. In Theta we are in a creative state. We can stay pseudo-conscious of where our attention is, and we will be able to change unwanted patterns, because we are now in the realm where they are housed. Finally, if we continue to focus and make our thoughts more real than anything in our environment, we can unify our conscious and unconscious minds.

In Theta state of mind, by rehearsing a new way to be, I am able to change my behaviors because I have gained access to the subconscious realm, bypassing my analytical faculties. I gain access to the implicit systems. The new image I hold in my mind replaces my old image and repatterns it in the brain as a new, implicit system. By being able to enter the subconscious realm through entering deeper brain states, I arrive at a state of mind where my habits and behaviors are first formed, and where they are eventually held deeply in place. Now I am in the realm where true change takes place.

I often go into this consciously subconscious realm in sexual and other fantasies. I went into this realm to receive The Rainbow Teaching from the sexual aspect of cosmic divine Shiva/Shakti Kundalini pure conscious energy as my gift to mankind.

It Takes Time

The Law of Repetition is crucially important in the creation of wired neural nets. “Once and Done” won’t get us where we need to be; it is physically impossible to wire circuits that way. It takes time and effort to make the kinds of neurological and behavioral changes that we desire. We have to think and use our brain in new ways, rather than relying on entertainment, media, or the environment to cause us to think in certain predictable ways. Thinking in predictable ways takes neither will nor effort, just rote reactions that allow us to be lazy. We must begin to assemble new thoughts with information that we have not experienced previously. We have to make a conscious effort to plan our future actions and behaviors, and rehearse those actions in our mind so that our body will be trained to follow. Once we can begin to change how our brain is working on a daily basis, we have forced our brain to work differently and, therefore, to produce a new mindset. Once we can self-reflect and become more acutely aware of how we are doing each day, (self-feedback) we can reinsert more data on how we can be the next day, so that we add to the ideal of who we are becoming.

Any new state of being will initially take a lot of conscious effort to achieve. We are replacing neural habits of our old self with an ideal of our new self, so that we can become someone else. The next stage in our evolution—wisdom—involves becoming subconsciously great, noble, happy and loving and that will feel as easy and normal as brushing our teeth.

So, aligning our intentions with our actions, or matching our thoughts with our behaviors, leads to personal evolution. To evolve, we must progress from explicit memories to implicit memories; from knowledge to experience to wisdom, or from mind to body to soul. Mental rehearsal prepares the mind. Physical rehearsal trains the body. The union of mental and physical rehearsal is the union of mind and body to a new state of being at the soul wisdom level. When the mind and body are one with anything, we have now reached true wisdom. Wisdom is always recorded in the soul and not the mind. Evolve into wisdom.










Everything in our environment is just a single manifestation of an infinite variety of possibilities. Reality is not one continuous and consistent stream, but is instead, a field of infinite possibilities over which we can exert enormous influence. if we tune into the proper levels of mind we can evolve and transcend. The more powerful the subjective mind, the more influence it has on the objective world.

On a daily basis do I perceive reality based on my memory? Do I habitually see from my prior experiences instead of my future possibilities? Do I consciously try to evolve my brain?

As I get better at paying attention and applying willful intention, my thoughts can evolve my life. Throughout human history, great people who aligned their intention and actions moved mountains and transformed the future with the same brain apparatus that you and I possess.

The implications for evolving our brain are extraordinary: if we think in new and different ways, we are altering our future. If we can go from thinking to doing to being by implementing the process described in these pages:Focusing our attention.

Using mental rehearsal employing the tools of

Demonstrate our intent and
Act upon our intent

Then we become evolved!

I need not wait for science to give me permission to do the uncommon or go beyond what I have been told is possible. If I do, I make science another form of religion. I should be a maverick; I should practice doing the extraordinary. When I become consistent in my abilities, I am literally creating a new science. (The Rainbow Method) When my subjective mind has control of the objective world, I am therefore ahead of the present scientific laws and theorems. And when I repeat, over and over, the process of intentional observation by being a more ideal of self, I become wired to be greater than my environment.

Knowing that my thoughts are controlling the environment, instead of having the environment repeatedly create my thinking, finally puts me at cause instead of effect. I will no longer live in stress, because there is no loss of control and no anxiety about what might happen in a future moment based on our past experience. There is nothing to be stressed about when we know the end result of our thoughts—when we know our future. When we can trust ourselves, our mind, and the quantum field of infinite potentials, we are freed from our primitive “survival” state of mind. There will be no fear of the unknown or the unpredictable, because our mind has already created the outcome in our environment. And the environment is now a product or reflection of my mind, which has already experienced and recorded the events to come.

I have learned that during mental rehearsal, the brain does not know the difference between what it is thinking (internal) and what it experiences (external). Applying these principles will cause the brain to be ahead of the environment. In other words, through mental rehearsal, we change our brain before the external experience happens, and the brain is no longer a record of the past, but of the future.

I have also learned that feelings and emotions are only the end products of past experiences. If I believe that my thoughts have anything to do with my future, then to live by familiar feelings and past emotions is to live by past memories. Past memories are processed in the brain as feelings. When past memories are filtered down to feelings that the body lives by, we are unconsciously producing thoughts that are connected only to the past. Thus to feel is to think in the past. This might explain why so many of us recreate the same difficult relationships, jobs with the same dynamics, and other recurring circumstances in our life. When we unconsciously feel the same feelings every single day, we create more of the familiar.

To evolve above the familiar and routine and to become inspired is the true energy of creation. To think beyond how we feel is a great endeavor for any human being. If we cannot execute a level of mind greater than how we emotionally feel, we will never relate to anything unknown and unpredictable. Mind lives in the body when we live by feelings. To lift mind out of the body and put it back where it belongs—into the brain—is a true act of human will. When we finally overcome thinking as a body instead of a mind, we are on the adventure of new and unlimited experiences.

One of the factors that influence our ability to imagine and to create an ideal for ourselves is our limited perception of the order and the nature of the universe. Whether we’re a skeptic or a believer doesn’t really matter. What we need to understand is that the universe offers more possibilities than we have been trained and conditioned to accept.

We must remind ourselves that we are more than the sum total of our biological processes. We are the self-aware, immaterial essence called consciousness that animates a physical body. At the same time, we are also unified to a greater consciousness that gives life and form to all matter. Both levels of consciousness are inseparable, they are within us, and, indeed, they are who we really are. Ultimately, at a deeper level of consciousness (the dimension before matter has any substance), we are connected to everything in the universe. The energy that holds the universe and all of its components together can be influenced by our conscious interactions in life, because we are made from the same energy. Therefore, we cannot change what we think, how we act, and who we are being, without altering the infinite web of energy. When we truly change, the field of potentials in our personal life should change as well. The outcome of such efforts brings us new and different life circumstances equal to who we have become.

To evolve is to hold a single thought or idea of an outcome in the mind, and make it more real than our present circumstances. It is intentional thought, which affords us the opportunity to make contact with a greater mind. When we can call upon that innate intelligence living inside of us by making our desire the only real intention, it will answer the call. When our will matches the will of this mind, when our mind matches the consciousness of this mind, and when our love for an ideal matches its love for us, it invariably steps in. It is a willful and uncompromising mind that initiates an idea bigger than what we intellectually know. When we can make our thoughts more real to us than the external environment, and when we lose track of the sensory perception of our body, the environment, and time, we literally enter into this unlimited field of possibilities. Our brain is already wired to be this way, through our enlarged frontal lobe. Novel experiences and their new emotions, new paradigms like The Rainbow Method evolve us beyond our primitive animal programs. All we need is a new paradigm of Rainbow knowledge we can apply, so that we can embark on an improved experience of reality.

We need to exercise our subjective free will and make the effort to contact our greater mind. When we take the time to interact with it, we should be bold enough to look for an answer in the form of feedback in our world. Now we are acting as the quantum physicist of our own life. When we can see and measure how our thoughts and intentions unfold from our own inner efforts, we are now keeping track of our own personal experiment called life. It is my experience that as the mind of the unseen begins to respond, our creations come to us not on our familiar terms, but on terms that are new, exciting, unpredictable, and surprising. The emotions of joy and awe will then inspire us to initiate the process, again and again. Now we are developing a neural network to know that a greater power truly exists within us, and we can accept its gifts.

I must inspire myself to give this personal experiment in creation a try. Otherwise I will stay locked in the intellectual thinking stage of declarative memories, never experiencing the wonder and joy that change can offer. I have to transform myself from being an intellectual thinker to becoming a passionate doer, until I can “be” what I set my mind to become. And when I can be anything, I can observe reality from an expanded state of mind, instead of the desperate states of mind that plague humanity. Aligning our thoughts, actions, and intentions brings this field of possibilities to us. When I live in a future that I have not yet experienced with my senses but have lived in my mind, I live by the ultimate demonstration of quantum law.

It is not enough to put little time and effort into changing the mind. I must evolve that mind until it is natural and easy to express the new self. This is when doors open to novel and unexplainable possibilities.

In order to evolve our brain we have to transform thoughts and memories from explicit to implicit, so that all systems are now influenced by the mind. By being one with any concept, we know how to create that particular state of mind. And according to our understanding of implicit memories, perhaps enlightenment simply is knowing that we know.

By accepting The Rainbow Paradigm changing of our mind and our state of being, we will make a host of different choices that we should never have made when living as the old self. When we evolve a new expression of the self, we will think and act in new ways. By being a more evolved aspect of self, as one choice then leads to another, over time we will find ourselves in a new life with new circumstances. That is a new reality. That is human evolution in its truest sense. It’s that simple.