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Exactly Why Size Matters

Size Matters Because Search Engines Evaluate Size as Important

I am going to explain to you exactly why size matters. When I increased the size of my penis it just felt better physically and emotionally. It has been over three years since I increased the size of my cock and I am just now getting used to it.

Okay I Get it Size Matters, so What do I do?

Breathing and diet are the way size matters to your dick. Breathing and diet are the keys to optimal health. Breath in fully and completely and exhale fully and completely. Running and calisthenics are important. You want to practice functional exercise.

Size Matters: Blog Early and Blog Often

The amount of pages and posts on your website is important because the search engines evaluate size as a criteria of your importance. The bigger your penis and the bigger your website the more effect you will have upon the world. So do a lot of exercise that involves heavy breathing and write a lot of articles about it. You will attract a lot of readers and a lot of admirers. When the world notices that you are publishing valuable and esoteric information on hard to find topics, people will beat a path to your door.

Size Matters in Weight Loss Also

Why are people so fat? Because they eat wheat products. The human body cannot fully digest wheat. Wheat is a relatively new food, invented only recently by the Egyptians. The human body has not evolved enough to fully digest wheat.  The trained observer can see the effects of wheat on the human body. Undigested bread makes the body look bloated and puffy.

Never become a paralegal or legal document assistant kids. Go into health care. The law will destroy your mind like it destroyed mine. I am so crazy I don’t even know if I am writing this. I don’t know if I am real or this website is a total fake. There are probably a lot of doctors and lawyers reading this article right now. I can tell by using my Google Analytics. I have a Yoast Google Analytics program that tells me exactly what words law enforcement types into a search bar to find me. Soon people typing weight loss and penis enlargement will find this website. Maybe.