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It’s All Inside Your Pretty Little Head

Inside Knowledge

By now you may believe the maxim that sex only happens between your own ears? If you believe that fundamental fact you are ready to move on to the advanced concept that the experience called life only happens inside your own brain. The people in your dreams at night are all really you. The people in your life are really a complex mirror of yourself. After years of meditation and hard work the universe will spiritually conform your physical world to your mental world. My simple little world is the direct result of my simple little belief systems. 

Engage Your Beliefs

Kundalini yoga is a formal method to practice the experience your spiritual belief system. Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan contains a lot of Sikh religion. My personal method is to remove the religion from my spiritual practice just like Bodhidharma stripped the religion out of Buddhism to create Zen. To this day, my main meditation teacher remains Joel S. Goldsmith (1892-1964), the salesman from Brooklyn who stripped the religion out of the New Testament. All of this only happens within the consciousness of the believer or it does not happen at all. Having a cosmic blissful experience and ultimate understanding depends on the people you know and the documents you read. 

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Total Experience

Writing this blog is one way that I experience my various belief systems. This daily labor of love is how I engage my world and formulate my personal belief system and relationship with God. I have become very discerning who I hang out with these days, which means I am alone a lot and I love it. After four months I am making some social progress at Yoga West. Yoga is a very competitive environment. Kundalini breath of fire women warriors swinging Sikh swords are one of the dominating forces in the modern Kundalini religion. Alone time is the fundamental tenant of my religion. 


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