UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATOR | Kojak Columbo Get Married on Fakebook

Entrapment Operation

How many degrees from Mike Domino are you? Can you believe these two bumbling undercover investigators posted photographs of themselves on Facebook!? Be warned that if you open a small business you become entrapment bait for freelance undercover investigators.

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Gay Laguna Beach politician Paul Merritt “Columbo” Christiansen and Carine “Kojak” Kowatch were married on Facebook in approximately 2012. The wedding vows took place at the undercover investigator school of entrapment. Now the happy couple are all dressed-up with nowhere to go. The wedding was performed by the Grand Master Inquisitor. They and their agents of entrapment call and email me constantly. It is a full time job ignoring their tempting offers of free money.

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eentraPaul Merritt and Carine Kowach
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Decoy Paul Merritt Christiansen

Undercover decoy Paul Merritt Christiansen is some kind of vexatious litigant with his pro se lawsuits and appeals. It is believed that Fullerton paralegal Stan Burman fled to the Phillipine Islands to escape the wrath of Mr. Christiansen and his agents.

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“Mo”vember comes and “Mo”vember goes
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Everybody gets into the act.
Fake hand on the back gives it away

Entrapment Exposed

My nightmares are a Kafkaesque kaleidoscope centered around undercover operator Paul Merritt Christiansen. I met him on the day I was celebrating ten years of recovery from alcoholism. I was on cloud nine and so I didn’t really pay attention to the legal assignment Mr. Christiansen was giving me at the Starbucks in Larchmont, California. I figured I would read his papers in detail later. Then I noticed he was following me to my car as I was walking down Gower Street behind Larchmont Blvd. When I saw Detective Christiansen he pretended he didn’t see me. I didn’t realize that he was trying to not blow his cover so I call out: “Paul!” Amazingly Paul Merritt Christiansen does not even look at me. Suddenly my gut drops and my heart starts pounding undercover entrapment operation. I stare after his car as he speeds down the narrow residential section of Gower that dead ends into 1st Street. In a heightened state of awareness I drive home to my tiny single apartment on Beverly Blvd. I look at the legal documents Mr. Christiansen has assigned me to work on and they are gibberish. They are some kind of ridiculous vexatious litigant nonsense. I take his paltry $250.00 check and immediately put it no the mail returning it to him. My life to this day is still one big undercover entrapment operation headed up by former Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Police Chief, Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan.

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Expert Witness Brian Lysaght, Esq.