Dressing Like a Parisian Sleepwalker Sets a Bad Example For Your Daughter

911: Negligent Supervision

Before you complain about other people’s sexuality, please take a look in the mirror. It should be considered negligent parental supervision to teach your young daughter to expose her boobs in a far away land.  Is there a cause of action for negligent supervision for teaching your daughter to dress provocatively in public?  It may depend upon what country you are in.  The first thing that gets skimped out on is legal research.  The second thing that gets skimped out on are Dya Kaur’s tops that she wears while bar hopping.

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Before You Accuse Me, Take a Look at Yourself  -John Fogerty

French Law will need to be researched to find out if Dya Kaur can be prosecuted for teaching her under-age daughter to wear skimpy tops in the City of Lights.  Don’t go traipsing off to the dangerous suburbs of Paris dressed for sex.  Where the hell does Dya Kaur Libby Lydecker get off complaining about anybody else’s sexuality when she uses her sexuality is such a commercially provocative manner?

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Are You Smarter In Fall?

Yes.  A new study just published explains why I always thing about school, education and productivity in the fall.  Cognition increases in late summer and early fall.  That is why I feel so much more lucid these days.  Last fall when Dya Kaur emotionally in October I fell into depression.  I had just come off of my early fall euphoria and she really knocked the wind out of me.  Now I am safely ensconced in a spacious single apartment with the time to process everything by writing about it in this blog.

What did the researchers do and find?

  • We studied 3,353 older adults in the United States, Canada, and France.

    We tested their thinking and concentration, measured Alzheimer-disease-related proteins in their spinal fluid, performed autopsies on those who died, and measured brain gene expression.

    We found that older adults with and without dementia have better thinking and concentration in the late summer and early fall than in the winter and spring.

    This was accompanied by seasonal rhythms in Alzheimer-disease-related proteins in the spinal fluid, and in the expression of specific genes in the brain, giving us a window into the underlying mechanisms.

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Sucker Punched

Last fall when I was taking Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I got sucker punched by Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker.  I’m glad she kicked me out of KYTT but I am pissed about the mean-spirited manner in which she did it.  As a result I have used that anger to fuel the writing of a hundred or so blogs about her, Guru Singh, Adarsh and Yoga West.  I have forgiven everyone and pray for them and the entire cosmos.  I’m just really happy to have so many new things to write about thanks to Dya Kaur. 

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