Extraordinary Sensory Perception

Extraordinary Perception

If you want to live an extraordinary life then develop extraordinary perception. Developing extraordinary sensual perceptual awareness has enabled me to also develop extraordinary spiritual awareness. Fully engaging life with my senses opens me up to the non-sensory world beyond. Can you walk through your supermarket and use your simple sense perception to discern what is real food and what is fake food? Do you know the difference between emotionless pig sex and meaningful masturbation? 

self perceptionSensual Self-Perception

I want to be authentic to myself. I’m taking a break from physical intimacy with other people. My own body, mind and soul are much more interesting to me than other people these days. Plus it is 118 degrees outside and so my social mobility is on summer vacation here in the desert.

My sense of my own body has opened up to me recently. I am enjoying my own body the same way lovers have enjoyed me. I am perceiving my own body objectively. My muscles are toned and vibrant from practicing yoga and walking meditation. I am perceiving myself objectively and it is enlightening. I am discovering my own truth.

What is the source of your perception? Do you ever go out and walk in the spiritual world of nature or do you get your reality from a LED screen? 

culture perceptionCultural Awareness

My perception of myself is totally outside of my culture. I feel like I have created more culture than is being reflected back at me. I need to find an authentic voice. I need a syntax and authenticity that flows off the web and into your brain. My soul wants to leave a spiritual watermark on your heart. I want to make God as exciting as whatever drivel you may or may not be watching on the cultural scoreboard.  

Lifestyle Perception

The purpose of this blog is to serve my tribe as your outcast voice crying in the wilderness. Life is sorrowfully short and my apprentice years are over. Now I am compelled to leave my mark written here in cyberspace. I want my life to be transcendental. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.