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We Need to Bomb Them With Hollywood Style Counter Propaganda

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Create an Alternative Healthy Lifestyle to Market to Young Women


KNOW YOUR PRODUCT: ISIL is stealing the lost children of the world by selling them a bogus lifestyle that does not exist. ISIL is blogging propaganda recruitment using up-to-date communications applications. Those communications from ISIL need to be counter-addressed with the same technology. We are America we sell things! We need to sell a healthy alternative California desert yoga lifestyle political party. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other applications can be used to build community overnight. Technology puts power in the hands of the people who know how to use it. Use the power of mass media to take it back from ISIL. 

Create Your Own Public Relations Campaign and Expose the Gap Between ISIL Product and Reality

Stronger players than myself are already working to actually remove ISIS videos from WordPress hosted sites. My solution proposed in this short essay will deal with creating white psyops counterintelligence or counterinformation. There are three levels of psychological operation used in psychological warfare.


domestic terrorism agitpropA.  White Psyops: the true source of the propagator is revealed, the U.S. Government, a private individual or organization.

B.  Grey Psyops: the true source of the information is not revealed.

C.  Black Psyops: the true source of the information is attributed to a third party or otherwise covertly attributed.


Create counterinformation propaganda contradicting ISIL message


What is ISIL selling?

ISIL is selling a cause in the form of an Islamic homeland and state based upon a belief system. Consumers really want to purchase a belief system. People want to buy a lifestyle. Isolated women can be easily recruited into social situations promising fulfillment.  ISIL is capitalizing on the fact that Syria is in total chaos.  Syria is up for grabs and so ISIL is promising the Shangri La of an Islamic State. Wide-eyed young dreamers from around the world are easily enticed by ISIL propaganda, public relations and psychological operations. 

By promoting a seductive counterinformation message the ISIL propaganda can be diluted and co-opted. Everybody wants to belong to something. Women seem to have more of a need for social gratification than men.

ISIL recruiting is a matter of supply and demand. There is a supply of young women willing to join up with a cause. ISIL is simply filling that void. That void can be filled with something else. Coachella and Burning Man are annual temporary desert communities that satisfy the need for community.


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