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Reaching Out to the Poagues

Slander Abatement Service

Eydie Poague must be held accountable for her molestation rumors in the Helendale neighborhood. Sometimes living on my meager retirement  portfolio is just not enough and I want more in life. I always think back to the story of Aristotle Onassis sitting on top of his yacht smoking a cigar thinking of ways to make money. This morning in the Jacuzzi I was thinking of ways to synergize my skill set. Maybe with my unique abilities I could start a slander abatement business. I need to make a meal ticket out of Eydie Poague.

Pogue is American derogatory pejorative military slang for non-combat, staff, and other rear-echelon or support units. “Pogue” frequently applies to those who do not have to undergo the risk and stresses of combat as the infantry does.

In 2003 my neighbor Eydie Poague DiMino created malicious gossip out of whole cloth and began spreading it around the neighborhood. At my express request, the Los Angeles Police Department investigated her groundless complaints of child sex trafficking and ordered Ms. Pogue to cease and desist her actions. Eydie Poague ignored the LAPD and it is my information and belief that she is still spreading lies in the neighborhood.

Reaching Out to Eydie Poague

It was an easy thing for Evie R. Pogue to slander my name. It has been a lot of work writing blogs to clear my name. I didn’t even know the name Evie Renee Pogue until two days ago, when I was watching Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook testify on Capitol Hill about privacy violation. It inspired me to look for more Facebook photos of 60 year-old Art DiMino, 50 year old Kim DiMino, and their 1 month old son Victor. I was surprised to find that Kim Harris DiMino has deleted her Facebook account and I think Art finally read these posts about him and is trying to change his name to Angelo Dimino. The best thing I ever got from Facebook were photographs and information about Art DiMino being a 60 year-old Pool Nanny with a newborn infant!

Art and Eydie DiMino are known for accusing people of being child molesters but exactly who are the real child abusers here? Art DiMino the Pool Nanny having a baby at age 60 is not fair to the kid. This website is conducting a serious investigation into the gay child sex trafficking of John Herriot and CMEN. Anyone who interferes with this trafficking investigation by giving false information to the rumor mill may be obstructing justice.

Are You Repeating Eydie Poague’s Lies?

Are you a neighbor, friend or relative of Evie Poague who has been given false information? Evie Pogue is a fast worker, she has already been divorced from Art, and married and divorced to Thomas Michael Randolph. I wonder if she told Mr. Randolph her malicious and harmful lies? 

Case Summary

On 09/07/2006 a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce case was filed by Eydie R Poague against Thomas Michael Randolph in the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Glendale Courthouse located in Los Angeles, California.

  • Filing Date:


  • Case Status

    Disposed – Judgment Entered

  • Case Type

    Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce

  • Jurisdiction

    Los Angeles County Superior Courts

  • Courthouse

    Glendale Courthouse

  • Petitioner
  • Poague Eydie R.
  • Represented By:
    • Unrepresented
  • Petitioner

    Poague Eydie

  • Represented By:
    • Self Represented
  • Respondent

    Randolph Thomas Michael

Docket Entries
  • 01/18/2007
  • Judgment Filed by Petitioner
  • 01/18/2007
  • Notice-Entry-Judgment Filed by Petitioner
  • 12/01/2006
  • Request-Enter Default Filed by Petitioner
  • 12/01/2006
  • Notice-Entry-Default Filed by Petitioner
  • 12/01/2006
  • Declaration-Serv Pre Dec Dis Inc Filed by Petitioner
  • 12/01/2006
  • Declaration-Default (petitoner’s ) Filed by Petitioner
  • 12/01/2006
  • Judgment-Package Received-2336
  • 09/07/2006
  • Petition-Dissolution Filed by Petitioner
  • 09/07/2006
  • Summons-Family Law Filed by Petitioner
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By Dean McAdams

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