The Talentless Mr. Warren

Apparently James Lincoln Warren deleted his Facebook account after I wrote a blog responding to his insecure social status.

JUNE 11, 2021 UPDATE: Someone is trying to hack my Facebook account and my prime suspect is Masonic pseudo-sleuth James Lincoln Warren. The gloves are off! Most of the health, work and financial problems in my life can be traced back to my attempted entrapment by the Freemasons and their cohorts. Now I will be blogging about David Doan and his undercover entrapment operation with the same fervor that Milo Andret was laboring in advanced mathematics to solve the Malosz problem in A Doubters Almanac by Ethan Canin.

Here is a real mystery from hack mystery writer Mr. James Lincoln Warren. Social climber Warren appears to have deleted his Facebook profile after I wrote a blog responding to his post about his pretentious claims of his high social status as evidenced by his material possessions. To wit, the preposterous Mr. Warren claims that wearing an expensive watch used to be considered as evidence of one’s social class. There was a time when crime boss John Gotti, aka the Dapper Don tried that little trick and it didn’t work. People saw through John Gotti way back then just like they can see through Jim Warren right now.

james lincoln warren's deleted facebook post
Why doesn’t the status conscious Mr. Warren wear a Rolex?

Mr. Warren’s Bible commentary is the real culprit in this story

Apparently Mr. Warren is intolerant of anything other than obsequious responses to his Facebook posts from young Brother Masons. How low class of a man who uses his literary career as an indicator of his elevated social status. A man of his high social standing should have addressed my blog in writing. What really angers me about Jim Warren is his negative attitude and comments concerning the Bible which I was forced to endure while studying the Masonic cipher book on Saturday mornings at Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge Number 307 of the Free and Accepted Masons. A few of the braver Master Masons laughed at Warren’s negative comments, however as an Entered Apprentice I knew that I had to stay quiet and keep my mouth shut. Well, now that I myself am a Master Mason I no longer have to stay quiet about Worshipful’s egregious conduct. It is not the duty of a Masonic degree coach to bad mouth the Bible to his captive audience. I became a Mason because I was apparently ill informed that the “G” in the Masonic logo stood for God. I never signed up for Warren’s personal opinions that the Bible is superstitious poetry or whatever the hell he said back in 2008. If it were not for the generosity of Masonic Outreach Services I would probably demit my membership in the Fraternity of Freemasonry.

I THOUGHT IT WAS A PIPE BUT APPARENTLY IT’S A MARTINI GLASS! Oh Well, life is all one great big pose for Sherlock Warren and his kind.

Watching the detectives

I can feel the work of mystery author James Lincoln Warren behind the comical attempts of the Freemasons to entrap me for the past fourteen years. The fictitious names of my tormentors seem to have spewed forth from the pen of swordquill Warren. To this day I still receive strangely ridiculous emails with bizarre requests for my services as a litigation paralegal. Perhaps Mr. Warren feels like a loser for his failed attempts to solicit my improper engagement in the unauthorized practice of law. To which I would counter that James Lincoln Warren is engaged in the unauthorized practice of Freemasonry. Freemasons are not authorized by Masonic Code, California Law, or any other theory that would permit them to entrap fellow Brother Freemasons into performing services that they would not ordinarily engage in. Nay, Freemasons advertise the credo of “taking good men and making them better.” I sought to learn about God and improve myself in Masonry, not subject myself to the massive deployments of Masonic resources marshalled against me. The time and manpower summoned by my Brother Masons against me is staggering. I no longer work as a paralegal in any way shape or form thanks to Jim and his wife. Thanks to the huge entrapment operation of Jim and Margaret Warren, Esq., I am no longer able to work at all. Their frightful actions gave me shingles and a heart attack! The Warren family and their cohorts even poisoned the paralegal agencies that used to send me out on lucrative assignments. It felt like the State Bar of California, the LAPD, Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge 307, and the entire International Fraternity of Freemasonry were all having one great big laugh at my expense!

david doan terri doan tag team
HEY KIDS, LET’S ALL DRESS UP AND PLAY COPS AND ROBBERS! David Doan, PGM and his little brown Asian wife Terri Doan surreptitiously interviewed and investigated me at the LAX IHOP in 2010. They pretended to be a married couple seeking my services as a divorce paralegal. There was no way that I could both work and entertain the legion of amateurs’ at the same time. Here’s a Masonic Toast, hoping that their marriage is on the rocks thanks to their little comedy act.

These amateur detectives were most likely supervised by Grand Master Flash, David Doan, back when he was Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide with the Los Angeles Police Department. These two comedians even ruined my professional working relationship with L.A. Business Personnel. To this day I wish I could still be working as a litigation paralegal, nay, Chief Doan destroyed all that for me.

Thanks to pseudo-detective Jim Warren’s fucked-up investigation, I was forced to retire at age 61 and live off of the largesse of Masonic Outreach Services.

james l. warren and cohorts
Thank you Masonic Outreach Services for reaching out!
What large part did California State Bar employee Margaret P. Warren, Esq. and the State Bar of California play in my lackluster investigation and unsuccessful entrapment operation?

Years ago, the social climbing Mr. James L. Warren once touted the pseudo-status of his wife Margaret P. Warren as Senior Counsel ยท Client Security Fund/State Bar of California in an effort to elevate his social status. In the words of Sherlock Holmes, it would seem “elementary my dear Watson” that the attorney spouse of Mr. Warren would somehow be involved in the attempt to frame me for practicing law without a license.

“Grist for my poetry mill” – Ezra Pound

What does not kill me, makes me type fast!

What does not kill me, makes me crank out another blog. I got so excited while writing this blog that I knocked over my tea and almost broke my tea cup, how English of me. I think I’m turning British thanks to my Masonic influencers. The Freemasons are improving and refining my character up until this very moment! Thank you James Lincoln Warren and your lovely wife Margaret for being so deceptive and incompetent, thereby inspiring me with the material to quickly write this one thousand word blog before breakfast. Remember in 2012 when that old woman investigator laughed at me outside of Carine Kowatch’s office on Torrance Boulevard . . . well . . . who’s laughing now?

james lincoln warren
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