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Was Jussie Smollet Inspired by Al Hirt’s Fake Attack in 1970?

Did Al Hirt stage the original fake attack in New Orleans when he claimed he was hit in the lip by a brick? I vividly remember my Dad angrily holding up the front page of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner newspaper in 1970 with a photo of Al Hirt and the story of his trumpet playing damaged by being hit in the lip by a brick at Mardi Gras. Dad was modeling an inappropriate violent emotional reaction to an event that may not have even actually happened. Children deserve better than that.

Al Hirt club on the corner of Bourbon Street and St Louis in the French Quarter, 1977

Career Enhancing Fake Attacks

Racial minorities such as Tawana Brawley and Jussie Smollett perpetrating fake hate crime attacks are fairly common and quite popular these days. Al Hirt and all trumpet players were very popular in our trumpet playing household. However my fifty year old memory is now sullied by the fact that Al may have staged a fake attack upon his legendary lip. On this April Fool’s Day 2019 I was inspired to finally look the incident up on Wikipedia to discover that there is no real factual evidence to back up Al Hirt’s claim of being attacked at Mardi Gras. Al’s trumpet playing never suffered from any lip damage after the alleged incident. The fake attack occurred when Hirt was only 48 years old and it was never mentioned again.

Al Hirt Was Riding in a Float Masked?

From the New York Times Archives:
Al Hirt, the city’s famous trumpet player, was hit in the mouth with a brick thrown from a crowd night before last. The unknown brick‐thrower could not have known his victim. Mr. Hirt was masked, riding a float in a carnival parade. The brick cut his lip so severely that 12 stitches were required. He does not know whether he will be able to play the trumpet again.
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Anger Enhancement Training

Max was training his teen-aged son to be an angry young man. Max was 36 years old at the time and angry enough to have his first heart attack as he pointed to the newspaper crowd shot of Bourbon Street and exclaimed to his family: “See this? This makes me want to go out and get a machine gun to mow all these people down!

Fake Masculinity

Machine gun murder as a reaction to a fake attack reported in a conservative newspaper that no longer exists? That was an extremely violent emotional reaction for a father to dump into a thirteen year old’s consciousness. It was very important in my family to react before thinking. It was very important to quickly pass large volumes of air through both the oral and anal lips in my family. Beating on your chest and scaring people was considered masculine in my primate social group.

fake attack
Blow By Blow

It was very important in my family to blow hard. My father played the trumpet in high school and so trumpet was my first instrument by default when I was in the 6th grade. Horns are difficult instruments to get a professional sound out of and they remind me too much of my dad so I formally ceased all trumpet playing and officially switched to guitar on or about February 9, 1970.

FROM WIKIPEDIA | On February 8, 1970, while performing in a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, Hirt was injured while riding on a float. It is popularly believed that he was struck in the mouth by a thrown piece of concrete or brick. Factual documentation of the details of the incident is sparse, consisting primarily of claims made by Hirt after the incident. Whatever the actual cause of his injuries, Hirt underwent surgery and made a return to the club scene. This incident was parodied in a Saturday Night Live skit from their second season Mardi Gras special, the “Let’s Hit Al Hirt in the Mouth with a Brick Contest”.[4]

Hirt died of liver failure at the age of 76, after having spent the previous year in a wheelchair due to edema in his leg.

There Is No Free Will

Max died of a heart attack at age 79 after spending his life in misery. He wanted both of his sons to be angry little men just like he was. He only succeeded in passing his hate to my younger brother. God has a different consciousness for me. There is no free will and therefore I must submit to God Consciousness. Living by Grace nothing can touch me in these golden years. The practice is to experience the God in everything.