The Fake Facebook Profile of “Zanies Kally”

For the past eleven years, the Los Angeles Police Department, State Bar of California and various secret international pedophile organizations have been interloping in my life. They have been using devices like the fake Facebook profile of Zanies Kally in a huge undercover attempt to entrap me. They are trying to persuade me to engage in the unauthorized practice of law. In other words, this confederacy of dunces wants to bust me for practicing law without a license. They never busted me because I never did it. All that they accomplished with their fifty-man undercover operation was to give me shingles and a heart attack. Now I have to vent my frustration. If I don’t, I’m gonna blow a fifty-amp fuse.

This fraudulent Fraternity has wasted huge chunks of my time and money. They use their secret Brotherhood to send me on wild goose chases all over L.A. in rush hour traffic. The cops have deployed an astounding amount of recourses to bait me. They even tried to get me to drink alcohol when they know that I am in recovery.

If I try and earn a few extra dollars so that I can buy a nice new leather chair, the devious ones are right there on top of me with Big black Lies. Now these Keystone Cops are trying to deceive me with an undercover investigator who has only one “friend” on Facebook.

My whole life I have $upported African Americans. I even wrote a blog about cancelling the Masonic racist and Confederate General Albert Pike. I am in favor of purifying our morally superior culture of racists like Pike. black people are Cool I really dig them, and who wouldn’t? I dig darkieS like I dig the poet E.E. CuMMings. But this fake Facebook business is pushing me over the edge.

fake facebook profile
fake facebook profile

Sucker Punched

Here is how she suckered me into her trap. I am creating my signature dishes of gluten free cornbread and gluten free chicken noodle soup. “What, cornbread?” asks my friend Marcus Dalton. Yes, cornbread. I am a peckerwood from Tujunga. So I posted this snapshot on Facebook when Zanies Kally intrudes into my life.

Now she’s coming on to me!

This is the first and only time that I have received a comment on Facebook that I am handsome. I know what type of women are interested in me. I am only 5′-7″ and weigh 146 lbs. Only petites, waifs, and midget women are attracted to me. This imposter is telling me that she wants to get to know me. She wants to be a problem in my life is what she really wants.

No woman has ever started off with me by complimenting my looks. Only gay men say things like that to me. I wish tiny women were as attracted to me as homosexual men are.

Cops never give up

I know how police detectives think. They never give up. The undercover operatives and I are in this psychological operation together for the long haul. One detective even brought his wife along with him on his undercover operations investigating me. We are an unholy alliance now. Joined together forever.

Senior Citizen Abuse

I am a 65 year old paralegal just looking for someone to sue for elder abuse. All I need is to prove damages to win a lawsuit in this matter. Because my life matters to me. She sucked me into becoming friends before I checked out her profile. I investigated her for one full minute and immediately unfriended her because black lies matter. Your Big black Butt is one big fat joke!

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.