Fake Hysteria

Fake Fear

Fake fear seems to be in fashion these days. Is your self-proclaimed fear making you hostile? I have stopped saying hello to women because they are so full of fear they seem hostile.  There is really nothing to be afraid of.  I am amazed that Kundalini yoga teachers teach that there is a lot to be “offended by” in the world today. The job of the yogi is not to find offensiveness and fear but to go out and simply “be”.

Fake Yoga

The competitive vibe in a yoga studio is so palpable you can feel it. Maybe someday women will pass a law that no men are permitted in all yoga classes. There are women’s yoga retreats but no men’s yoga retreats. All of yoga is already a women’s retreat.

Breath of Authenticity

Five years ago at the Equinox in Hawthorne a woman actually complained about my loud breathing in Kundalini yoga class. Now EQ no longer has Kundalini yoga in Hawthorne. The complainer got what she asked for, but there is no longer any yoga class for me to breath loudly in. Most women are not breathing deeply in yoga class. No proper measured breathing cycle of one breath, one movement is fake yoga. 

Be Here

After years of trying I think that I am finally learning how to be here now. I always erroneously thought that I was doing this in the past because it sounds so simple: “Be Here Now”. But it is hard to do. To be here now I have to leave everything else behind. I feel totally alone, vulnerable and naked when I am here. That’s what life is all about: pushing the experience to the edge. We are an aggressive species on a competitive planet. Enlightenment is hard work.

Yoga West Community

My job is to open up my heart and create love in the Yoga West community. I do this by showing up three to five times per week for classes. Today’s class with Guru Singh was very light on the yoga and heavy on the dharma talk. I should motivate myself to go to Sat Debir’s Restorative Yoga class this evening.