michael magliato

Bro. Michael Magliato Has Been Stealing the Community Newspapers

Michael Magliato should be prohibited from entering this reading room to prevent him from stealing the community newspapers

Michael Magliato Appears to be a Passive-Aggressive Psychopath

After almost a full day of detective work on Saturday, March 7, 2020, it turns out that Michael Magliato is the fake Freemason who stole Saturday’s copy of the Los Angeles Times from the reading room at the Masonic Home in Covina. When confronted Magliato gave me the paper at 6:00 PM. He also tried to give me a lot of other bullshit that he was going to return it. However, that is just another lie from this damaged piece of work as usual. Talking to him is never any use and anyway, I was too enraged to speak as I took the stolen paper out of his hands and left his creepy yard. This type of egregious misconduct is typical of two or three other so-called Masonic residents.

Magliato is Definitely Anti-Social

Michael Magliato is so anti-social that he eats his meals alone while sixty other Freemasons eat together in the Dining Hall. Magliato is a passive-aggressive instigator of trouble whom I have been trying to ignore his defects and find the Christ within him, (and me) for the past nine months. During the Christmas season Magliato got really close to me while stealthfully riding his bike to intentionally startle and scare me. It worked, he freaked me out and make my heart bump. This Magliato problem cannot be ignored any longer.

This Bad Behavior Cannot Be Tolerated Any Longer

For the past nine months I have been trying to help Bro. Magliato and have gotten to know him very well. Magliato confided to me that he enjoys disrupting the social fabric by dressing in women’s clothing and making himself repulsive in as many ways as he can. He said he let’s his ugly hair grow long and wispy as a way of saying “fuck you” to the typical Republican MAGA Masons in residence at Covina.

After taking pity upon this wretched soul it turns out he is fucking with me just like he has been fucking with the entire community. My love and trust have been violated at the malicious nature of Michael Magliato’s conduct upon this community is just heartbreaking. In short, I have now officially lost my innocence here at Covina and now it is time to break Mr. Magliato of his criminal behavior. Magliato has awakened me to the truth of what is happening all around me. I love assholes like Bro. Michael Magliato because they make me look really good.

michael magliato
Magliato enjoys being repugnant and anti-social
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