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Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Dya Kaur Libby Lydecker

Fake Kundalini Yoga Teachers

Meet fake Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One instructor Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker at Yoga West in LA. My second day of yoga teacher training Dya asked me if I had Guru Singh’s CD’s, as if being a recording artist was some big deal. She had that starry-eyed guru worshiper look on her face and I felt obligated to speak the truth to enlighten her.  “My reply was: No, they all do that stuff.” 

Libby took umbrage at my insolence and had Adarsh eject me from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One for lack of proper guru worship. It turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to be because now I am truly liberated. 

I cancelled my Yoga West account on February 18th and was only waiting for the last two weeks of my paid unlimited monthly account to run out. I should be at Yoga West practicing yoga, but thanks to Adarsh’s abrupt termination of my account,  I do yoga at home and write these longer blogs with the time I save by not going to class. Plus I’m getting a refund and saving $130/per month now. I may never pay for another yoga class again in my life. The last time I felt this free was when I stopped playing guitar thirty years ago.  Thank you Adarsh and Libby, I love you.

Hollywood Style | Default to Yoga

I explained to her that I am here for the experience of Shiva-Shakti union and my intent is to introduce the concept of samadhi to young people to ease their gender confusion.  I’m not here to buy some shake-n-bake guru’s books & cd’s. All teachers and preachers sell their own lame music by default. If I want music I’ll find my way to the real thing.

Just gimme some truth.  -John Lennon

libby hudson
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation | Dya Kaur Libby Lydecker | 9:00 am – Fridays | Yoga West | 1535 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA

Divine Providence

By the grace of the Holy Spirit breathing Christ Consciousness, Libby was just looking for someone to accuse of sexual harassment and I was the lucky yogi who was asked to leave fake Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One at Yoga West. Nobody is allowed to have any opinions that conflict with the guru’s.

Yoga West is like anywhere else, women are just looking for some guy to express an opinion so they can accuse him of harassment. There is no due process at Yoga West, just phone calls late on weekend evenings throwing all of my cheap motel reservations into disarray.

dya kaur libby hudson lydecker

Fake Teacher Training

Be careful where you take any style of yoga teacher training. I just jumped into Yoga West without looking because Golden Bridge had already been closed for years.  By the time I got it together to pay for kundalini yoga teacher training level one, Yoga West seemed to be the best choice. I was going stir-crazy down in the desert and so I literally just jumped back home to LA.

dya kaur kundalini yoga teacher

Melrose Avenue Yoga Teachers

Yoga West is the much ballyhooed “Home of Yogi Bhajan” and so I just plunked my $3,200 down without flinching. Do not take teacher training at Yoga West. All yoga studios offer teacher training, you have much better options to choose from. Find someone young and hungry like Josie Kramer, not a bunch of burnt out old has been’s resting on the laurels.

Guru Singh is 76 years old for Christ’s sake. He should retire and give some young guy and chance. Except there aren’t any men in kundalini yoga because you must first be emasculated by fake Melrose Avenue yoga teachers like Dya Kauer. 


Melrose Avenue Fashion Plates

Franklin Jones aka Adi Da, and Yogi Bhajan were walking down Melrose Avenue in the late 1960’s thinking up ways to make money. They noticed all the flower children milling about smoking marijuana. Charlie Manson was promoting his cult out in the Valley and the so competition was fierce.  In a fit of brilliant marketing they both came up with the idea of special white religious hats.

special white religious garments

My White Hat is Bigger Than Your White Hat

Everybody in America synthesizes raja yoga and Eastern philosophy.  A yogi born in Chicago named Saraswati is an authentic kundalini tantra synthesizer who influenced Yogi Bhajan.  Synthesizing religion is as American as Mormons colonizing Utah. Yogi Bhajan and Adi Da are just two of the more successful examples of white-hat religious entrepreneurs who got their start in Melrose Avenue bookstores during the 1970’s. 

yogi bhajan

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