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Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Sat Devbir Singh

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fake religion

Fake Religion

Meet fake religion ordained minister, crystal academy guru, master healer, angel tour guide, musician, songwriter and kundalini yoga teacher Sat Devbir Singh.  Sat Devbir is also an instructor of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One at Yoga West on Designer Row, Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California. 

Sat Devbir and Yoga West are two of the leading purveyors of fake religion in LA. For the past five months this blog has been conducting an exhausting investigation into how Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan was created. Yogi Bhajan made it all up in a Melrose Avenue bookstore. I have intuitively stripped kundalini down to its’ pure essence. Now I practice on my own again and may never take another yoga class again. 

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Yoga West | Home of Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever noticed that there are hardly any men at Yoga West apart from the official gurus hawking their wares?  Yoga West is all women in white looking for men to blame. Yoga West has an “us against them” attitude as Guru Singh leads rants and raves against men and patriarchy to his devotees. I have heard other men scoff at his incendiary preaching, probably never to return. Exactly which men are allowed into the Yoga West cult? Bernie the Mild Mannered Gong Master? 

fake religious certificates
Selling Crystal Academy Certificates to the Non-Kundalini Yoga Demographic

There is very little technical instruction at Yoga West, that’s why I quit my monthly membership. The quality of yoga teachers at Yoga West is severely lacking. Guru Singh’s lineage does nothing to enhance my experience on the yoga mat and in fact the rabid guru worship of his devotees like Dya Kaur, Adarsh and Sat Devbir Singh detracts from my experience of authenticity.

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Young and athletic vinyasa rockers like Josie Kramer at The Bay Club or Amy Beausang at Equinox would literally jump up and run circles around elitist kundalini teachers with their fake religion and made up yoga. 

I listened to Sat Devbir at teacher training and in my informed opinion he is very mediocre.

Robertson Boulevard

In a few hours I will check out of the cheapest motel in the City of Los Angeles. It is located at the intersection of Venice and Robertson Boulevards. I moved to this location specifically to attend classes at Yoga West. I was going to walk to Yoga West from my motel one day this week just to say that I did it. I was in the last two weeks of classes I have paid for at Yoga West. However, Adarsh called late at night as is her usual manner of conducting business and suspended my membership. I don’t even think she knew that on February 18th I cancelled my monthly membership to Yoga West because I wasn’t getting anything new and exciting out of it.  My shoulders need a break and I want to hang out and practice yoga at someplace nice like The Bay Clubs in El Segundo and Redondo Beach. I have sadhana, a rigorous personal at-home practice. 

As I told Sat Siri at Yoga West on Equinox, I like learning technical things. I liked learning how to put the top of my foot flat on the mat and I liked learning tongue flicking. Tongue flicking is tantric.

What lameness is Sat Devbir afflicted with in this pose?

Fake Religion Yoga

Adarsh should have just let me complete my last two weeks of classes billed to my debit card. Now she will be sending me a refund and I will be writing these blogs about her and Yoga West. Now I have good strong energy to expose the fake religion of Yoga West as a public service. Perform your due diligence. Go to Yoga West and breathe the foul smelling air.  Check out Sat Devbir Singh, his white hat collection, and his fake religion. It’s from the designer collection on fashionable Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.