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IDES OF MARCH: Fake Death Threat Allegations by Michael Magliato at Masonic Homes Covina

It’s a Crime to Make False Terrorist Threat Accusations

Everybody knows you have to earn your nick name. For cathartic purposes, I have taken it upon myself to give Michael Magliato the handle of “Maggot Creepo.” Everyone at the Masonic Home in Covina will know who Maggot Creepo is. A few will also be familiar with Maggot Creepo’s technique of getting you into his life so that he can make false accusations that you are a terrorist threat. Maggot Creepo made similar false allegations against Bro. Clement, and now the sleazy creep is doing the same thing with me.

On March 11, 2020, Bro. Michael Magliato alleged to Masonic Homes employees, Leslie and Edgardo, that I used a deadly weapon to make a terrorist death threat upon Magliato’s life. The next day, at a meeting with Magliato’s social worker David Montoya, LCSW, I gave Mr. Magliato a dignified way to apologize and retract his false allegations, and Magliato refused.

every mason for hiimself
Maggot Creepo’s Bike at MHC

One moment Maggot Creepo said that he would apologize with witnesses and MHC employees, Leslie and Edgardo present, and then the next moment, he refused in his typically sleazy style. The entire world was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic while Magliano disrespectfully wasted the precious time or Mr. Montoya, Jennifer Shapiro and myself. I used my persuasive legal skills to try and clear the air of the bogus death threat accusation but Magliato ignorantly left it open, now it is coming back to bite him, his social worker and MHC.

Because these false death threat allegations create reasonable and sustained fear in the Masonic Homes community, can Magliato be charged with making false allegations of death threats?

Magliato is the only person at Masonic Home Covina who has uttered these serious words. In my opinion, the false accusations of Magliato can be used against him in a court of law.

lapd chief david r doan
Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan

What Do the Crowell Law Offices Say About the Penalties for Making False Accusations?

“In California, the crime of false accusations is a misdemeanor and you can be prosecuted for it. The penalties for giving false information to the police are up to six months in jail and possible fines. Depending on the circumstances, you could also be granted probation.” -Crowell Law Offices

Is Mandatory or Ethical Reporting Required?

Doesn’t Mr. David Montoya, LCSW, have a professional and mandatory legal obligation to report a terrorist threat and deadly weapon accusation? If not a legal obligation, then does Montoya have an ethical and moral obligation to report false allegations of threats of bodily harm? I wonder exactly how far up the Masonic food chain Mr. Montoya will take this false accusation. Maybe the police should investigate. Maybe Chief Doan could help us out at MHC.

Maybe Chief Doan Could Investigate Michael Magliato Instead of Dean Keith McAdams

Chief Detective David Doan had a lot to do with the creation of the Masonic Home at Covina so maybe he could investigate the odious Mr. Michael Magliato instead of me. During the course of any investigation, the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier. At one time I offered to work for Chief Doan but it never happened. Surprisingly, now here I am working on the Chief myself. Now, because of my investigation of MHC, I see how things really work. It’s dog eat dog and every Mason for himself at MHC.

terrorist threat cop
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