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False Profit$

The best thing about the false prophets like Sat Devbir Singh at Yoga West is that they give me something to blog about. Right?  What will I write about after I have thoroughly exhausted the topic of failed actresses and crystal healers scratching and clawing their way to the top of the litter box at Kundalini by Bhajan, Inc?

The problem with false kundalini teacher training instructors like Sat Devbir Singh and their bogus crystal healing is that they waste your time and energy getting to the real thing.  I came to LA for a big Kundalini Teacher Training Level One experience at Yoga West. I am having my kundalini experience as usual, however it is totally independent of Sat Devbir Singh, Adarsh, and my new muse, Dya Kaur Libby Lydecker. I just didn’t get very much yoga out of Yoga West.

Stay Secret, Members Only

All my life I have been a joiner.  My way is to just join and worry about everything else later.  Because of my jumping without looking, sometimes I land in a pile of shit. However, a lot of the times I land somewhere really good. However now at my advanced age of sixty-one years, I don’t feel like joining anything else. I have the rest of my live planned out as far as membership in private organizations.  I have an all-club monthly membership to the Bay Club.  All the other memberships are secret.

We Don’t Get Fooled Again

The only other religion I have thought about joining is a lunch group of the Cult of Toastmasters. I have been to one Toastmasters meeting and they are true geeks just like me. Thirty years ago when I was a temporary legal secretary at Litton Industries Corporate Office in Beverly Hills there was a lunchtime Toastmasters meeting. Authentic four-eyed Mensa freaks.


My spiritual practice the last two days has consisted of getting back to calisthenics. I have been doing burpees and sit-ups at 5:00 a.m.  Doing massive sets of burpees is what got me strong enough to have a vinyasa yoga practice.