What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Fat Cat Cult

I feel like I have been liberated from the Cult of Yogi Bhajan’s personality.  Kundalini cooked up in a Melrose Avenue bookstore by Bhajan is not about yoga so much as it is about astrology, politics and fear.  On one level Kundalini by Bhajan is psycho-drama for girls who want to dress up in flowing white religious garments.  Do you really want to pay money for yoga lessons that include a speech about the coming Age of Aquarius when the existing political and social structures will be in upheaval?  Nothing happens tomorrow.  Don’t let fashionable Kundalini yoga prey upon your media-induced fear. 

fat kundalini cult member tattoos
What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Fashion Yoga 

Notice how fat this fully tattooed kundalini cult student is, I talked to him once at Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, he is taking Level 1 for the second time.  He bought the turban, the tats, the clothes and the jewelry, and has a fashionably scruffy beard, but this overweight person does not appear to work out or do any type of strenuous yoga. 

pregnancy yoga

Fat is Not a Food Issue | Behavioral Addiction

One of my main interests in Kundalini was for my own behavior modification.  If I wasn’t writing blogs informing potential yoga students that kundalini is a householder cult for house husbands, I would be writing about more about belief systems and behavior modification. I am making the transition from being a sexual healer to becoming a spiritual healer.  To be a sexual healer you must live a sexual life and to be a spiritual healer you must live a spiritual life.  There wasn’t much out there on tantra but I managed to beat, rob, and glean a few things from Yoga West.  

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Acting Out the Dry Drunk

In behavioral addiction, acting out can give the addict the illusion of being in control.[9]

I am attempting to modify my behavioral addiction to my unrefined and unsophisticated speech and verbal mannerisms.  God is healing my talking addiction.  A few summers ago after hanging out in large groups of my fellow sexual deviants I noticed how much intense emotional gratification we were all receiving just from talking to each other like a bunch of gossiping women.  Kind of obvious that bisexual and gay men talk a lot, but important to slow down and take a look at.  

parental negligent supervision

Texting Addiction

Please do not bother calling me on my cell phone to talk anymore.  If you are serious about communicating with me then please text or email.  I am healing my talking addiction and I have taken a modified vow of silence.

sexy sikhism style

Mindful Awareness

Neither Thomas Jefferson nor Andrew Jackson were very good public speakers because they were too  emotional.  They both excelled at other forms of communication but they were so passionate and emotional that Jefferson’s whisper thin voice and Jackson’s ranting and raving didn’t work as well as the written word or skilled military leadership.  Inspired by men such as this, and Meher Baba, I have taken a modified vow of silence  I only speak when I am in mindful awareness, and I write a lot more as a result.  Now I am hopelessly addicted to blogging. 

sexual liberation

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.