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Only a Paid Version of this Theme Lets You Blow Up this Ying Yang Featured Image

featured image

WordPress Featured Image Function

The featured image function in this free Cenote WordPress theme only offers limited function unless you upgrade to the paid version. This free version will only display a 100 x 100 gif in the featured image box. You can display larger gifs anywhere in the blog, just not up top.

featured image

Using the featured image function is one of the first technical skills and creative concepts to learn about when blogging in WordPress.

It is important for your visuals to maintain a consistent theme and style.

The Internet has a voracious appetite for new images. It is the duty of a diligent digital content creator to display images on the web in a pleasant and engaging manner.

When you are a blogger you hold the whole world in the palm of your hand so be careful how you use it. In the past, you had to become a newspaper publisher with a printing press to garner this much world wide attention. Now with electronic digital publishing anybody can become a publisher.

Learning about GIFS

The purpose of this blog is to remind me to look for 100 x 100 and other small sized GIFS whenever I am hunting and collecting images on the web. This Noodle Blog is a voracious media injest machine eating up tasty images wherever they may be hiding. Most artists creating these images do not have the same WordPress publishing power that I do. I have ridiculously spent $200 to host this site for the next year on my new Linux C-Panel Managed WordPress Hosting with GoDaddy.

From now on instead of flashy bells & whistles using gifs, I will be sticking to more traditional featured images such as this girl on here swing. She looks more tasteful than any flashy little gif could.

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Tomorrow’s Featured Image
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