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Weapons of Mass Distraction: Terrorism Begins in the Home

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Sexual Terrorists

Female sexual terrorists use emotional tactics to hold men as emotional hostages. Observing eight year old girls and eighty year old women pimped out in make up, heels and bralets. They are obviously not actively sexual yet they project radiant female estrus. If you are going to dress sexual then you should be sexual. Domestic sexual terrorists are holding the world hostage by being all show and no go. There is no fulfillment of the primordial energy cycle. ISIS and other enemies of America understand and use the power of sexual terrorism to further their jihadist agenda. We cannot kill our way out of the problem. The solution begins by preventing sexual terrorism at home. 

Domestic Female Sexual Terrorists Hit List

Ann Bradney and her crypto fascist Radical Aliveness Core Energetics (RACE) is an international cabal of female sexual terrorists with offices in Southern California. Ms. Bradney holds international workshops and seminars teaching wives to say no their husbands sexual demands as an emotional power device. Bradney teaches heterosexual women to withhold sex from heterosexual men as a control device. The exponential rise in male homosexuality can be linked to female sexual  terrorists educated and trained by RACE.

Patricia Haman is an agent provocateur who has been trained by RACE in tactical homosexual conversion techniques of initiating engagement and emasculation. These sexual terrorists should be considered emotionall armed and psychologically dangerous. RACE is a breeding ground for gay men in Los Angeles. RACE has very stringent requirements for training sexual terrorists.


Sexual Terrorism: The New Frontier

The war on international terrorism begins with reprogramming female terrorists into right behavior. We cannot kill our way out of the international terrorism problem. We need to look at the actual causes of terrorism: transmutation of sexual energy into rage and violence. If the women of the world would engage men in a natural cycle of sexual completion then men would be able to go about their day without getting all worked up and angry because they are not getting laid. Stop withholding sex to stop terrorism.