White Riot

Feminine Energy

Yesterday was my first formal educational classroom experience practicing Tantra.  For years I have been preparing myself by reading books, watching videos and taking workshops from tantrikas like Marci Jarvril. Now I have finally found an ongoing Wednesday-Friday 7:00 am Kundalini Energy Visualization Class that is making me into the authentic Tantrika that I am destined to be because now I better understand feminine energy and how to use it.

Masculine feminine energy

I always knew something big would happen in my life and here it is. I am learning how to intentionally gather and focus my energy even right now as I write these words.  Tantrika is my sexual orientation. I am a pansexual being using my combination of feminine and masculine energy to dance my love with the entire world. A Tantrika esoterically dances with the cosmic forces of life. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian Mysticism, Kundalini Yoga. I am in love with it all.


I’m sitting in my car on Pt. Dume where I did my first Shiva-Shakti meditations twelve years ago. I have worked long and hard on my body, mind and soul transform both my feminine and my masculine energy into being a tantrika. Most guys dress up in drag to limp wristedly lisp a parody of the feminine. I want true power. I want to subvert the power of the destructively competitive women around me.  My smooth skinny body is a whirlwind of Masculine energy that is in full touch with the feminine energy that created it.  I was created by woman and I create with that same feminine energy. Now I understand myself and what i need to do in life.

White energy

Now I dress in all white because I have already dressed in all black just like everyone else is doing right now. I have already done everything there is to do I life except have kids. Thank God I don’t have a bunch of fucked up kids dragging me down.

Feminine energy