Andy Cameron, General Counsel, Masonic Homes of California:

Please unblock my ability to file a DSS Complaint with the State of California.

Dear Mr. Andy Cameron, Esq., G.C., Masonic Homes of California. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dean McAdams and I am a Freemason. The reason I am writing you is because Judy Figueroa has authoritatively cited your name in a threatening letter she hand delivered to me on January 4, 2021. In April of 2020 I contacted Ms. Renee Arterberry of the Department of Social Services to complain about MHC employees putting me at unnecessary risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus. As strange as it sounds, Ms. Figueroa, Executive Director, Masonic Homes of Covina took some type of action that caused Ms. Arterberry to ignore my complaints. Therefore I need you to please contact the State of California, and assist me in exercising my constitutional and contractual right to file a DSS complaint.

In my opinion, the sub-standard level of care I am receiving at the Masonic Home in Covina is a retaliatory action. Ms. Figueroa has retaliated against me for trying to file my DSS complaint about the continual and ongoing pattern of abuse I am receiving at the hands of MHC employee Angel Martinez. Ms. Figueroa has recently installed a video camera outside my window that captures my every move. Therefore there is really no need to have maintenance and gardening staff also monitor and track my movements on campus by following me with their headlights off.

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Ms. Figueroa may be improperly using your office to retaliate against me

Can you believe Ms. Figueroa actually states in her letter that Angel Martinez was driving with his headlights off to prevent shining golf cart headlights into my apartment? The laws of physical science prevent any vehicle headlight trajectory from entering my windows. Commercial big rigs and trash trucks drive by my windows and their white hot halogen headlights do not enter my apartment.

Supervisor Bobbie Dimmit claims that Martinez was driving with his headlights off for an entirely different reason. Dimmit claims that Martinez was unfamiliar with the operation of his vehicle:

Bobbie DimmittTue, Dec 29, 2020, 10:26 AM (11 days ago)
to me

“Your so welcome, Glad we could help and in regards to the email sent over the weekend about the golf carts with no lights I have talked to the 2 staff members, they have been reminded there is a speed limit for all vehicles they must abide by and any time it is just starting to get dark they must have headlights on.  Angel did apologies he stated that he did see you and was looking for the switch to turn them on as it was a cart he normally doesn’t drive. They both said they would be more careful.

Please keep me informed if this happens again with any of our staff.”

So now we have two different reasons for this whole harassment by headlight saga. We have layer upon layer of deception. When you read between the lines, Ms. Figueroa did not like me complaining and so now she is retaliating by threatening to involuntarily relocate me off campus. There is no way that I can just sit back and allow her relocate me against my will in this pandemic. I am sick and tired of Ms. Figueroa’s constant threats to kick me out of this paradise.

Judy Figueroa is adamant that I have received a letter from you which prevents me from blogging about my personal life at the Masonic Home in Covina. As I will also steadfastly deny, I have never received any letter or communication from you whatsoever. Therefore if you have any legal problems with me blogging about my life and death in a continuing care retirement community please let me know. If I am wrong and you have sent me some type of communication I request that you please provide me with a copy of any such communication in your possession, custody or control.

As I have tried to explain to Ms. Figueroa, I think that she is mistaken. Perhaps you may have assisted her in the letter with her signature dated April 20, 2020 where Ms. Figueroa does indeed attempt to prevent me from publishing the names of MHC employees. If you do in fact object to me publishing the names of MHC problem employees such as supervisor Donato Rodriguez for retaliating against me for my investigative blogging about the unhealthful conditions at MHC, please state all reasons for any such legal claims you may have.

file a dss complaint masonic homes skilled nursing construction
January 1, 2021 – Masonic Homes Covina – Senior independent living apartments next to skilled nursing facility under construction that was supposed to have been completed in December 2019.

Please use your legal authority to stop all construction near senior independent living apartments

In my opinion, the skilled nursing facility construction is killing many elderly Freemasons in Covina. Therefore I would respectfully request that you use your legal authority to cause all construction on the Covina campus to immediately cease and desist. The construction is already way behind schedule. The building is like a ghost ship with a skeleton crew. How are those eight or ten guys going to finish that huge structure? The scaffolding reminds me of the broken and burned scaffolding on the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Eternal. It looks like the scaffolding on our SNF is going to be there for a few more years. Let’s take a break and tell everybody to go home for a few weeks. What will we need a skilled nursing facility for if all of the Freemasons in Covina die of COVID-19? Brother Masons who stormed the beaches of Normandy are now dying because of a lack of basic sanitation at MHC. We need an attorney to instruct Bobbie Dimmit and Donato Rodriquez on their legal obligations to do execute their duties and clean up this disgustingly contaminated campus. Is it okay if I publish Bobbie Dimmit’s name?

file a diss complaint about unhealthful conditions
This abandoned trash can was here when I moved in two years ago. In my opinion this single image is a holographic representation of the problems at MHC. I hereby request that California Masonic General Solicitor Andy Cameron unblock my ability to file a DSS complaint about this total garbage.
Please have MHC employees cease and desist from gathering during ambulance pick-ups

As I have informed both Bobbie Dimmit and Judy Figueroa I have a serious problem with Masonic Homes of Covina employees Angel, Edgar, Jeff and the gardener clustering together while talking and laughing. In my opinion the Home’s gardeners should not be socializing in public while they are watching the ambulances haul away the sacred bodies of our dearly departed Brethren. Can you please ask employees on their coffee breaks to maintain social distancing? If they are going to have their little death party then they need to stay at least six feet apart. I used to think that we had great gardeners but now I am very disturbed to see them act with such wonton disregard for the current public health emergency. Sometimes it seems as if the staff at MHC are acting like they are asymptomatic and trying to intentionally infect the Brethren. What do you think sir?

Can you get supervisor Donato Rodriguez and his insubordinate subordinate Angel Martinez off my back please?

Apparently our sanitation department has better things to do than pick up trash that has been laying around and festering for years and years. Supervisor Donato Rodriguez seems to have me under surveillance while he fails to perform his own job duties. When Mr. Rodriguez is driving back and forth he could at least pick up trash receptacles that sit abandoned for years. For the past year Mr. Rodriquez’ subordinate Angel Martinez has been following me around at night. During the day Martinez needlessly enters my apartment with lame excuses that are not verifiable by written work orders or incident reports. I think Martinez is ripping off the home with non-productivity. While at the same time he is also invading my privacy and retaliating against me for my well grounded complaints about him. This angry little man seems to have some type of personal problem with me that his immediate supervisors Bobbie Dimmit and Donato Rodriguez are either unwilling or unable to address. Ms. Figueroa will take no meaningful action to remedy this unpleasant situation. Mr. Martinez could be exposing myself and other Freemasons to the coronavirus. We have had four or five COVID-19 fatalities so far. I don’t think Gary Charland, J.D., is keeping us up to date with our daily death count. I don’t think that Gary Charland or Judy Figueroa are fit for office. We need competent leadership in this darkest hour of recorded human history. You need to put the best legal minds that general counsel can find to work at solving this dire situation. I suggest you begin right now because we are about to have a holocaust of death and destruction in the world of Freemasonry. At the end of the day . . . I find myself vastly outnumbered by my opponents and I implore you to intervene.

You may be my last hope of survival

Would you like me to draw you a map? Okay, here it is. This is what I want you to contact the public health officials and file a DSS complaint about:

file a dss complaint snf construction mhc death
I have never seen Bro. D.A. wear a mask even when he walks past my window. IT WILL BE ON VIDEO! Mr. D.A. is a pro-Trump radical anti-masker from a red state. (Satellite image from Google Maps)