Fish Oil Cures Dry Desert Skin While Improving Emotional & Sexual Health the Right Way

fish 13609_1_Flv_1280x720_thumb_2Fish Oil Cures Dry Skin With Nutrition

Don’t believe it just because I claim that fish oil cures bipolar disease. Check it out for yourself. The next time you are applying body lotion to your dry Palm Springs skin think about making yourself juicy from the inside out.

A tablespoon a day of Carlson’s Finest Fish Oil cures dry skin in approximately ten days. Taking high quality liquid fish oil with a teaspoon for the past twenty years has made my skin young and elastic. When I moved back to the desert ten days ago my body was low on fish oil and my skin was dry. Fortunately I had a few fish oil capsules and some flax seed oil capsules to lubricate my skin while waiting for my bottle of Carlson’s Finest from Amazon Prime. 

Fish Oil Is Food

fish oil cures

Fish oil is a nutrient taken internally. Body lotion is not a nutrient and is applied externally. Your body lotion is going to wash off with soap and water. Fish oil is a nutrient that feeds and vitalizes your entire body. Sound basic? It is. It is basic common sense that fish oil is a food and lotion is a superficial solution. Doesn’t make more sense to treat the dietary cause instead of the superficial effect?

Spending a lot of money on expensive body lotion is like spending money on hair conditioners: a waste of money. The modern way is to feed your hair from the inside out. Hair, and skin, are basically dead cells. Putting lubricants and conditioners on dry hair and skin is treating the symptom rather than the cause.  By spending your hard earned cash on an expensive nutrient such as fish oil you treat the cause of the dryness at a cellular level by lubricating the dermis, hair follicles and oil glands instead of putting a superficial shine on the dead epidermis. 

Fish Oil Relieves Inflammation and Therefore Helps With Anxiety and Depression:

fish oil cures anxiety

Let’s begin with the interesting stuff from the introduction. Inflammation is related to all sorts of bad mojo like heart disease, autoimmune disease, stroke, and mental illness. Populations that eat more fish tend to suffer less from these diseases, and it is felt that the omega-3 PUFAs in fish may be protective against inflammation.

Epidemiological data and observational studies have shown higher fish or DHA and EPA intake is associated with lower incidence of depressive disorders, both in non-psychiatrically ill and psychiatrically ill populations. The randomized controlled trials of omega 3 supplementation

Emily Deans, MD
Emily Deans, MD

have had mixed results, with an overall trend for improving clinical depression, but not necessarily depressed mood with anxiety. The data for anxiety disorders is less robust—lower omega-3 plasma levels are found in folks with social anxiety, but two small RCTs of supplementation in anxiety also had mixed results. It is important to know that both anxiety and depression are associated with an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines—most commonly measured ones are IL-6 and TNFalpha.

From Fish Oil and Anxiety by Emily Deans, M.D. in Psychology Today

Fish Oil Skin or Dry Desert Skin?

fish oil cures dry skin
Use the liquid by the tablespoon, not the capsules.

Be careful living the “fish oil cures” lifestyle like I do. My skin smells faintly of fish if I take too much. A few years ago I was taking so much fish oil that my yoga mat smelled like fish oil. However I will always take my daily fish oil. My skin is iridescent and feels alive and sexy.  I encourage you to take the fish oil challenge. Do you want to put on a topical lotion or take an internal elixir? This is not your grandfather’s fish oil. The taste has been so radically improved you do not even know it is the fish oil cure.

Does Cod Liver Oil Cure Sexual Impotence?

Yes. This is the adult oriented portion of this article and therefore if you are easily fish oil 3offended then please stop reading now. Fish oil charges up my sexual energy. The consistency of fish oil is the same as that of human seminal fluid. This is purely anecdotal however I am convinced that fish oil, along with exercise and proper breathing has made my penis larger. Start taking fish oil today so that you will be up to speed with me as I blog about health and sexuality. Fish oil cures, try it yourself!

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