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Follow Your Bliss & Write a Blog

Benjamin Franklin worked hard early so that he could go to France later on. Some mornings you just have to follow your bliss and write a blog no matter what. It ends up totaling approximately $500/per year in hard money costs for hosting, themes, plugins, firewalls, SSL certificates and other security to operate this WordPress blog. Therefore it makes sense to blog early and blog often. Writing this blog is following my bliss by leveraging my resources. Following my bliss means being a productive publisher.

Joseph Campbell

Mythologist Joseph Campbell instructed his liberal arts college students students to: “Follow your bliss” and so I did. After obtaining my film degree I started working as a production assistant and writing spec screenplays. It was a life of blissful poverty because I was young and I didn’t care about being poor.

Following My Bliss To The Money

Following your bliss is very rewarding in many different ways. However following your bliss can be difficult to make a living at. Following your dreams does not always pay the bills. Fortunately my scripts and movies were so bad that I was soon kicked upstairs into the legal department. It turns out that my love of words and images could be transferred into attorney work product. Following your bliss means to be fearless and see what doors open. My edit to Mr. Campbell’s aphorism would be to “Let the Money Lead You to Your Bliss.”

Find Your Bliss By Joining Everything

My method to life has been to be an investigator and a joiner. I investigate and join everything worth joining. Except Toastmasters. Toastmasters is the only worthy organization that I have never joined in my personal life. Other than Toastmasters I have joined most of the important organizations that there are to join in this life. Joining secret fraternities is also a very a important component to my success in life. If you can’t join it, at least check it out. Go and investigate what everyone else is joining in this great big beautiful life.

Blissfully Sleeping Through My First Christian Science Service

If I had of judged the Christian Science religion based upon my first impression, I would have missed out on a lot in life. The essence of Christian Science metaphysical thinking has been a major influence in my life. However the one and only time that I ever attended to a First Church of Christ Scientist service I slept soundly through the entire event. Every Sunday, every Christian Science service is only a reading of the writings of founder Mary Baker Eddy.

One blazingly bright Sunday morning I went to the
First Church of Christ Scientist sitting up on a hill in Malibu, California. Driving by this church throughout the decades I always said to myself: “Why does that immense Christian Science parking lot always only have a few vehicles parked in it?” After sleeping through the reading at the Christian Science service I finally had my answer. My consciousness was simply not ready for metaphysics at that time. My consciousness had to evolve.

rat race
Follow Your Bliss To The Benjamin Franklins

Blogging is the new diary writing or journaling. Blogging is the new journalism and I am the brand new Ben Franklin. Follow the Benjamin Franklins. The purpose of this blog was to get ready for this week after Memorial Day. There is a lot of important business for me to take care of this week. I am very excited to be moving from a $1,300 apartment to a $5,000 independent living facility in a few weeks. Follow your bliss . . .

follow your bliss

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.