Sunlight of the Spirit

Did You Eat the Food of Life? 

I am body food. My body is coming out to the world as the body of universal mysticism and doing whatever that means. My body is beautiful and I love it. My personal saying is: “Life is a Banquet, Eat What You Want”.  My body is good and so is yours.

food of lifeMy body was really skinny until I moved out of the family home and rented a house a few miles away to go to Cal State Northridge. My mother didn’t know how to put the food of life on the table in front of her children. My father was a school teacher and so we had plenty of money. My parents never seemed to get over their depression era mentality.  My parents were really depressed characters and this is the first time I have articulated this.  My mother couldn’t breastfeed her children because she was a neurotic mess. I have never noticed this before. Now I am serving myself the food of life. I finally “get” women. I have finally gotten over women. I did the gay thing until the wheels fell off and now I just walk around the desert naked. 

healthy homosexual lifestylesBody for Thought

My mother used to starve us on Sundays in superficial observance of Catholic ritual. There is an edict against eating within one hour of receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion.  So why didn’t we eat well in advance of Mass? Because my mother and father did not know how to put the food of life in front of their children. Now I eat all the breakfast I want and Christ gets off on it. 

Adult Body

As an adult I ventured out into the world to find the food of life.  I ate up big style. I found the food of life and I gorged myself. Meanwhile my parents and siblings, my friends and family, stayed home on the farm in Tujunga and apparently starved themselves intellectually.

How totally strange that I am the only member of my tribe that went to college. My father and my friends fathers went to college but my friends did not attend college. I am going to get down on my knees right now and pray a prayer of gratitude that I educated myself.

There I did it. I just got down on my naked knees in the desert and prayed more fervently, emotionally and with more meaning than I have ever prayed in my life.

Is someone trying to browbeat or shame you into hiding from who you really are?