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Ubiquitous White Minivan For Sale

10-12-2019 Update: SOLD TO CARMAX

The vehicle was sold to Carmax in Ontario, California for $14,000 and a Lyft back home to Covina. It was well worth it. Carmax deserves to make a few dollars off of my tree stained dirty vehicle. Carmax didn’t say anything about the bed I left in it all they cared about was the pristine condition of the body and interior. I even left the last two oil change stickers on the inside of the windshield so the appraiser could see that I kept the engine clean.

FOR SALE: 2016 Town & Country with 48,600 miles – $18,000

2016 Town & Country $18000

Clean Car In Covina, CA

It is time to liquidate my assets and I made sure that my motor vehicle was liquid just for this day. I paid $22,000 in cash to Enterprise Car Rental for this practical vehicle and today it Bluebook’s for $18,800 and therefore it is priced to sell. There are no free online applications to sell a motor vehicle. Yesterday I paid $5.00 for a Craigslist ad with the caption 2016 Town & Country $18,000. Contact Dean@LegalNoodle.com

Even Mobile Apps Like Letgo Charge Money

Letgo wanted me to pay $4.99 per day however it was unclear if that $4.99 per day was for a premium service or basic listing. Since Auto Trader is $25.00 per day I am writing this blog to sell my white Chrysler Town and Country minivan with 48,600 miles for $18,000.

This Chrysler is Clean

I took very good care of this care and it is very clean.

Camper Van Includes new mattress, propane stove & tank

This minivan includes a full size twin mattress and frame. I will even throw in the 5 gallon propane tank and Blackstone stove that fit neatly inside.

Sell Your Vehicle Here

Do you have a product or service that you would like to advertise for sale online? Just send me some photographs and a description and I will list it for sale on this blog. I will post your ad for free and you can pay me whatever you want after your money rolls in. Maybe you would like to publish a blog on this website. That can also be arranged. In the beginners mind the possibilities are infinite, in the expert’s mind the possibilities are few.

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