Resentment is soul suicide

Time for me to wake up and practice forgiveness.

I just deleted a post about someone who I was angry at. Just now I also took this page off of my title bar. The Christmas spirit is transforming me. I resolve to stop ranting and raving about all of my enemies for their past transgressions. Although I will not take down my past posts that protect me from lies, I will try and refrain from writing new ones. You are forgiven and loved by me now. It is time for me to practice the spiritual principle of forgiveness.

Ego Rising

My success at identifying my tormentors caused my ego to rise like sourdough bread. The only way I had to make my discoveries known was to publish your identity here in these blogs. We are entering Christmas 2021 and I am putting too much energy into my investigatory work. I am suffering from cop burn out. It is lonely out here being a sex trafficking investigator. Time for me to retire from my vigilante law enforcement career. Is this real retirement or just holiday cornbread?

cornbread of forgiveness

Honoring my dad by baking cornbread

It is very hard for me to become humble. However when I am able to attain a slight degree of humility the love of the Universe enters me. I am like a selfish greedy child always looking to receive. In an effort to start giving, I had resolved to go to an A.A. Thanksgiving potluck. I am developing a signature dish of cornbread. Cornbread does not rise, it stays flat because there is no yeast in cornbread. There is no ego to rise.

Give Love

My Okie dad used to always make us his signature dish of cornbread and lima beans. I will skip cooking beans and pop open a can of black or red beans. I will only bake my cornbread homemade for now, not the beans. I chickened out on going to that A.A. potluck because of the latest variant surge. When this town does open back up, I will be ready to give love with my homemade cornbread and homemade chicken soup.

sacramental grace vs pure grace
Photo credit: Galen Crout/Unsplash
Cornbread of Forgiveness

I am feeling the love of my parent’s that I misperceived was not there. Like an adult infant, I railed against the quality and quantity of my long deceased parents love for me. Now I am honoring my mom and dad by taking good care of myself. I am baking gluten free cornbread and making chicken soup. I can feel their conditional parental love running through my cooking style and my life. Click the cornbread below for the recipe for Southern Cornbread.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.