New Direction

Fork In The Road

There is a fork in the road and I have chosen the path less traveled. As I leave my wicked ways further and further behind the road gets narrower and narrower. Naked lunch is a term coined by Jack Kerouac. Naked lunch is that frozen moment in time when you take a good hard look at what is on the end of your fork. Kerouac’s most famous novel is On the Road and the main character, Dean Moriarty is based upon Jack’s best friend Neal Cassidy. There is a fork in the road and I am leaving the wild side behind to write about my new life.

My dear mother left me when I was quite young,
She said: Lord have mercy, on my wicked son.

On The Road Again, Canned Heat

Fork In the Brain

There is a fork in both the literal and metaphoric road and so I am leaving the material life behind for the blissful path of solitude, prayer & meditation.

4th of July

The Fourth of July, 1933 is my Dad’s birthday. Max McAdams would have been 86 years old today. Max smoked himself to death with cigarettes. It was almost as if Max committed suicide by smoking cigarettes. If you ever see me smoking a cigarette it means that I want to kill myself. I could never commit suicide. Suicide does not end anything. Nobody gets out of here that easy. If you kill yourself your energy gets recycled into a retarded person. Severely mentally and physically challenged people committed suicide in their previous lifetime.

Trolling For Topics

Now that everybody wants to be gay I am turning chaste. The purpose of this article is to warm my brain up by trolling for new subjects. The month of July began with two articles about child sex trafficker John Herriot because he is the strongest target I have to hit right now. He is easy to write about. Now that I am safely ensconced in my new residence I am sick and tired about writing about trafficking. There is a spoon in the road and I am dishing out the tales less told. I’m on the road again . . .