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Ritualized Form

Formalized Energy Field

Formalized, ritualized and sacramentally packaged icons of love and Amazon fulfillment. Perpetual girl you want to know. Last Friday while eating lunch and drinking a real Coke in a glass bottle from Mexico a Mexican immigrant with bleached blond hair said: “You know all of us girls like fast cars.”  I grazed my gaze along her skinny fore arms as if I were looking in a mirror. She is looking at men as meal tickets just like I would. Formalized prostitution on Pt. Dume.


I wrote one blog less on Friday because of that woman. Now I will make up for it on Monday by writing about her in this blog. I am jealous that it is easier for girls to get guys to take care of them than it is for me to work my gay for pay scam these days. Since I’m not getting paid for companionship and don’t know any cool guys, I am living a chaste, celibate formalized Kundalini lifestyle. I’m not a real prostitute, I didn’t allow Dr. Allen to degrade me. I only let creepy old men touch me up to my limits. I’m into the gay for pay thing to have an architectual home to live in. I’m “gay for a nice place to stay”. 

Formalized degradation

Formalized Degradation

Prostitution is formalized degradation. Men who pay me for sex want to control and humiliate me. Empty men pay prostitutes because they get off on ripping out that which is pure and beautiful and stomping on it.

Ritual prostitution formalized

I don’t seem to enjoy sex as much as other men. I don’t really need people out of desperation anymore. I feel like I am coming into my true power as a human being. Slamming out blogs and taking Kundalini yoga. Free to be me and free to go anywhere.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.