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Beaten into early retirement by the Warren Doan double tag team

Former LAPD Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide Chief takes his wife Terri Doan on undercover assignments with him.

There are over 40,000 Freemasons in California but only 10,000 of those are dues paying Masons. There are not a lot of young men who want to become Freemasons. Freemasonry is mostly old white men and the Fraternity appears to be dying on the vine. Why is there such a lack of interest in Freemasonry today? If it is fashionable for Asian women like Terri Doan to accompany men on undercover investigations then why aren’t they allowed to become Masons? Is Masonry fading out because no women are allowed in Freemasonry? Is it because Lodge has become irrelevant in a digitally connected world? Nay, this blog will propose that the lack of interest in Masonry is because there is a dearth of authentic leadership in Freemasonry today. What notable leaders of today are Freemasons? Gerald Ford was the last American president who was a Mason. The most well known Mason in a position of pseudo-leadership in California is probably Past Grand Master David Doan and therein lies the problem. Bro. Doan is not a genuine leader. If David Doan, PGM was a real leader, he would have achieved his goal in having me arrested or perhaps prosecuted in civil court for practicing law without a license and thereby have me excommunicated from the Fraternity. Instead, all Doan did was cause me heartache and grief.

Bro. Doan should have come to me as a true Brother and said: “We would like you to stop working for the public as an independent contract paralegal. We want you to improve yourself in Masonry.” All Doan did is what all Masons do which is to dress up in a suit and play boy scout. You have probably said that Freemasons are adults playing boy scout? It is true dear reader. Read on. Read ’em and weep.

former lapd deputy chief robbery/homicide david doan
Chief Doan abused his position of power, that no longer works in today’s culture and so he is therefore cancelled!

David Doan and his wife Terri, James Lincoln Warren and his wife Margaret, have been surreptitiously double tag teaming me with their unsuccessful undercover entrapment operation since 2008. So are Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge 307, the International Fraternity of Freemasons and their agents. That’s fourteen years of sheer agony for me. There is no provision in the California Masonic Code for investigating a Mason after that Mason has been raised to the sublime degree of Master. James Warren can prevent me from joining Scottish Rite like he did in 2010. Good thing because God did not want me to become a member of the corrupt organization known as the Ancient Scottish Rite of Free & Accepted Masons. The founder of Scottish Rite, racist Confederate General Albert Pike was dragged off his pedestal and burned in the George Floyd riots of 2020! The Masonic Code says you can prevent me from joining York Rite but the Code does not give you cause to covertly investigate a Master Mason. I was made a Mason without even being interviewed. I was made an Entered Apprentice while I was living in my RV with a German Shepherd because God made me a Mason at birth!

the treason of albert pike
ALBERT PIKE ON FIRE: James Lincoln Warren saved me from wasting my time in Scottish Rite!

The Warren Doan operation gave me shingles and a heart attack

The inept covert investigators of Santa Monica-Palisades 307 are responsible for ruining my health and my legal career. Being wrongly investigated and the sheer magnitude of their undercover entrapment operation gave me shingles and a heart attack. A few months ago I deleted all of my blogs about them in a generous act of forgiveness. However they are now attempting to hack my Facebook account and their agents are still contacting me. Because I am still in intense physical pain from shingles and they are still emailing me I am writing new blogs using the same old photographs that I used before.

My original shingles rash was seven years ago in 2014, and so was my first major heart attack which required emergency triple by-pass surgery. So let’s put the tag teams to work making me whole! I demand that the Masons pay for my treatment because my insurance company will not.

james lincoln warren and wife margaret p warren

My insurance company will not pay for a MRI and therefore I want the Doan and Warren families to pay for one

My cheap insurance company will not pay for diagnostics requested by my specialists. The purpose of this blog is to get the perpetrators responsible for ruining my health to pay for the lab tests I require. If the Doans and the Warrens have the resources to hack my life since 2008, then they can certainly pay for the imaging requested by my neurologist, which my insurance company has denied. David Doan is receiving $125,000 in cash pension benefits and I want him to help pay for the damage he has caused.

When Chief Doan was unsuccessfully attempting to entrap me I told him that I wanted to work for him

In 2014 when Chief David Doan shocked and awed me with his immense undercover operation I told him that I wanted to work for him. Mr. Doan roared up to my Larchmont apartment with two big black SUVs. The Chief knew he didn’t have a prosecutable case against me so I offered to help him out and help him catch bad guys like child sex trafficker John Herriot. We could have nabbed some really bad guys in a win-win situation for the both of us. Nay, Chief Doan went on to his retirement without ever even arresting me.

The Doan family has a moral obligation to make me whole

In my opinion Terri Doan and the Chief have a moral obligation to resolve the deplorable situation that they and his cohorts have created. I want the Freemasons to pay for my necessary medical treatment and thereby make me whole. If you won’t allow me to work as a contract paralegal then come up with something better. Give me a job or pay for my medical treatment. I can feel you plotting your clandestine moves but you should know by now that you will always be a day late and I will always be one step ahead of you.

david doan
Smug Bastard