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Love Transformation From YouTube

I Found Love With My Headphones on YouTube

I found love in the form of binaural healing music on YouTube. The binaural effect only works with headphones on. I found love sleeping with my headphones on.

My Light Sleeping Problem Transformed Into My Solution

Due to the fact that I am a light sleeper I am an expert in white noise machines and sleeping aids. High quality sleep is very important in my life. My first Marsona brand “sleep machines” were very expensive but they enabled me to sleep through dogs barking and motor vehicles blaring. Before I discovered binaural beats using headphones I used to amplify my bedroom with the sound of white noise.

However since I have discovered sleeping with headphones while listening to binaural music I have found a much better solution. Binaural music all night on an ad free paid YouTube account lets me sleep all night and I found love also.

Found Love Energy Here:

Listen to this with a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones to find love, it changed my life:

What Do You Want From Love?

When I was young I thought that love had something to do with another person. Then changed to believe that love came from God. Finally after meditating I found God inside of myself. Now I really get that loving feeling while listening to healing energy music on YouTube, I find love welling up inside of me every night when I go to bed. This 528 Hz Miracle Tone for repairing DNA is good also:

Mediation and Love are all you Need

Meditation with love is all you need in life. I came back to Los Angeles when I did because of a book about mediating with emotion. You get what you meditate. I came back home to the City of the Queen of the Angels to fall in love with myself.

The Man Who Played Himself

One of the formative influences upon my young soul was the short story: “The Man Who Played Himself,” by Beat Poet Lew Welch. The story is at the very end of Lew’s one and only book, a collection of poetry entitled: Ring of Bone. I play myself even better than the young man in Lew Welch’s very short story. My instrument even includes hatha, raj and kundalini tantric yoga. Plus calisthenics to make my dick bigger. I finally realized that it is the burpees and lateral walking that are making my cock so huge. Backwards walking is increasing the girth of my penis. I found love on YouTube and a bigger dick by walking sideways.

D. Keith Maccaddam, known legally as Dean Keith McAdams, is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact:
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