Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Others | Self-Reflexive Awareness of the Heart

Fourth (Heart) Chakra (Anahata)

chakras are imaginaryThe Aquarian Teacher, Yogi Bhajan

| Chapter 15 | Pages 192 & 193

Love and Awakening

The Fourth Chakra is ruled by the element of air. For the first time we no longer see the chakra; it becomes completely subtle. The Heart Chakra is an imaginary visualization located in the center of the chest which represents the opening of feelings and compassion and the very capacity to love.  The symbol for the chakra is a triangle going up and a triangle going down, the two triangles overlapping into a six pointed star. It represents the balance point in the body between the flow of the upper energies of the Heavens and the lower energy flows of the Earth.

Aquarian teacher yogi bhajanSelf-Reflexive Awareness

The lower three chakras represent the cultivation and mastery of impulse. The opening of the Heart Chakra begins the first true level of self–reflexive awareness, where you can see yourself through the eyes of others, and you can fully see others to be as important as yourself. It is the chakra where “we” starts to mean something. In the first three chakras, one is ruled by the sense of “me”.

Once we have activated all the energies and passions of the first three chakras, we can use those passions for the benefit of our larger sense of self. When the Heart Chakra is open, we have a new relationship to our feelings. The most common confusion about the Heart Center is that you can only feel it if it is open. Actually, in the subtle quality of the Fourth Chakra you can consciously know what your feelings are, and you  can direct them. Someone who loves another may have very strong impulses and passions, but they shape the use of those passions to fulfill their commitments and obligations with that love, as a mother does in sacrificing for a child.

The Heart Center rules subtle feeling, the ability to touch. We say that when someone speaks from the heart, it touches us; it grabs us at our very core.

fourth chakra

The Functions of the Fourth Chakra are Also About Boundaries

This relates to the immune system, to the thymus, as well as to the heart. When it functions very well, the Heart Chakra is like a good immune system that knows when something is foreign and needs to be examined, and when something is part of you that it can be let in. When your Heart Chakra functions perfectly, you know how to let someone in to each of your relationships appropriately.

So, the Fourth Chakra is the chakra of relationships and relatedness, but in a different way than the relatedness of the Second Chakra. If it is overactive, you can be subject to too much sympathy. When it’s under active, you could have dependency and diffusion of a sense of yourself.

The Heart Chakra is called anahata.   It’s often interpreted as the sound that is made without striking two strings, because at the Heart Chakra there is no conflict; Heavens and Earth come together in balance. Inner and outer merge in a sense of flow and spontaneous action. When you chant a mantra from the Heart Center, it is empowered with the subtlety of air through the use of the mind, to create a subtle or silent mental repetition when you chant a mantra from the Naval Point, the entire universe vibrates the sound for you, and you simply merge into it.

The Heart Chakra is Also Stimulated by the Use of Prana  

Any blocks in the diaphragm or in the breathing mechanism deeply affect the Heart Center. So, the use of breath by all forms of pranayama is a powerful stimulant to this center. The colors that are associated with the Heart Chakra are green and rose pink. Communications from the Heart Center always include the other person as strongly as oneself. So one speaks with kindness, sweetness, and rapport. Unlike Fifth Chakra communications, which tend to be very blunt, those of the Fourth Chakra, which are not necessarily indirect, are nonetheless fully cognizant of the person who is to receive the communication. Speaking to a mate from the Heart Chakra gives each person a feeling of being truly present with the other. It is the basis of real intimacy. It is not true that communication from the Heart Center means that you are only sweet and that you ignore all hard challenges. It is not a Pollyanna form of shallow happiness. The Heart Chakra has tremendous strength associated with it. It brings with it the capacity to contextualize anything you say. Yogi Bhajan has often said that a truth spoken in fear is a lie. This is a comment from the Heart Chakra. To speak truthfully but kindly is the signature of the Heart Chakra.