Dilution of Trademark

Dear Palm Springs Councilperson Jon Reuben Roberts:

Thank you for providing this investigation with your full legal name. This article is a response to your question concerning my agenda. My immediate agenda is to prevent your egregious dilution of the UCLA trademark. By publicly misrepresenting that you have a degree in Architecture from UCLA, you cast suspicion upon genuine UCLA alumni such as myself. In other words if you are lying about having a degree in Architecture from a top university, the general public may infer that all people who claim to be from good schools are also frauds.

ucla alumni
Is Mayor Bradley a Bruin?

Do you know David Geffen? You guys are both gay and you both lied about your academic credentials. As a practicing bisexual, I am compelled to inquire, is lying about having a UCLA degree a gay thing? David Geffen lied about his non-existent UCLA business degree, however Mr. Geffen is not an elected public official.

As a result of such misrepresentations, my UCLA credentials are also sometimes called into question. I am often required to submit official transcripts to both agency and NGO’s when seeking higher and higher security clearance. These transcripts cause me an online, out-of-pocket expense of $2.00 each. (Who knew that hacking the air gap on Iranian centrifuges for joint CIA/Mossad cyber warfare could be so complicated?)

jon reuben roberts

As a duly elected Palm Springs City Councilman, you are subject to a greater degree of transparency than David Geffen or myself.  You have been responding to my questions with more questions. Everything you need to know is right here on this publication.

ucla cheerleaders

Gay Greed for Peasant Land

My secondary agenda is to investigate gay crime and corruption in Palm Springs. You are fraudulently inflating the value of real property in the desert by claiming that you are some kind of post postmodernism expert. You are an illegal outsider in my desert and I am building a wall around PS to keep out carpetbaggers. Now because of you all persons bearing credentials from public universities in California will require a thorough vetting.

Jim Morrison had a film degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and he wrote his thesis on mob psychology and civil disobedience. Here is a video of Jim driving through Joshua Tree. An authentic human being like Jim Morrison would never lie about his petit bourgeois credentials or brag about making money like a Palm Springs politician. Dawn’s scattered highway is littered with dead Indians whose religion was stolen by the Palm Springs City Council decades ago. The citizens of PS are riders on the storm of gay greed upon peasant land.

Mr. Roberts, my agenda is divine redemption and you are my ticket to ride. You are not the first flim flam man to rip off Palm Springs, however I hope to make you one of the last for a long time.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.