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IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR | Sikh Temple Brawling | Part Two

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Weapons Are Not Free

Do you carry a knife just because your dad carries a knife? Is your mind free or are you living a lie that has been handed down for generations? Do you think it is normal to be in a religion that requires you to always carry a weapon? Always question authority, even if it comes from your parents. Just because your father carries a weapon in public doesn’t mean that you have to carry a gun or a knife. Think for yourself, use your brain and be free of lies your parents tell  you.

My Big Lie

When I was thirty-five years old I desperately needed my parents approval and so I married a young woman from the same background as myself. Getting married in the Catholic Church to Veronica was the uber lie created by a professional liar. The good news is that with Vero’s parents capital to invest, my father’s real estate skills, and my snake oil refining abilities & mediocre work ethic, I ended up in great financial shape when everything was settled and done. Now I try to live a life that is free of lies and fake stuff.

good stuff el segundo

Bad Stuff

Good Stuff restaurant at the top of Grand Street in El Segundo is the worst food I have eaten in recent memory. Bo’s Salad was terrible. To make my meal worse, I was sitting at the bar listening to the chef plan meals with the manager. Good Stuff restaurant made me feel so ripped off by bad people that I bought my next salad as a prepared $6.49 item at Ralph’s all the way down on Sepulveda Blvd. 


I need to take a stand against all of the harmful influences in life and Good Stuff restaurant is definitely to be avoided. I knew from the “Good Stuff” sign that everything was fake. But the rip off restaurant Good Stuff was right across the street from my rip off Hotel 221 Concord. I came to El Segundo prepared to have a transformation life experience and I did. I have resolved to eat more salads from supermarkets. Beware of small businesses that just want to gouge your eyeballs out. 


What is happening with the Jacuzzi at the Bay Club in El Segundo? The jets are only working part of the time. I need to have a word with Jose the Jacuzzi guy the next time I see him. I have been healing my yoga injuries every morning in the Jacuzzi and steam room at the Bay Club. Today I was on the rowing machine for twenty minutes. I just finished my complimentary cup of coffee from the Bay Club and now I will cook my oatmeal and eggs on my LPG stove in my camper van.

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Owning a blog is the same thing as owning any media outlet. A content provider must supply a steady stream of new and original content. This blog will illustrate new ways to avoid getting ripped off by small businesses and fake religions.  When you are in the industrial beach town of El Segundo, California, never stay at Hotel 221 and never eat at Good Stuff. Avoid any religion that requires you to carry a weapon and always use Himalayan Sherpa Pink salt in your food.

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