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FREELANCE DIGITAL PSYOP: Blogging the Psychological Operation

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Developing freelance digital psyop against ISIS recruitment requires analysis of who is currently joining ISIS. Why are converts willing to leave home and family? What is ISIS offering that is so compelling men and women are willing to sacrifice their lives for it? This intelligence needs to be gathered and analyzed. For the most part ISIS seems to be recruiting members based upon financial need more than religious conviction. What lifestyle can be counter offered to financially desperate and lonely young people looking for hope?


The Five Core Tasks of the Freelance Digital Psyop:


1. Development:  The freelance digital psyop will develop and determine psychological operations objectives and conceptualization of specific product ideas. Essential elements of development are target audience analysis, series and individual product development. The analysis of propaganda and development of counter propaganda are embedded throughout the core tasks. 


2. Designing:  Design is the technical execution of development conceptualization into creating a blog or smart phone application prototype. This task demands technical expertise in many communication fields.


3. Producing:  Digital production by transforming of approved PSYOP digital prototype into various media forms that are compatible with the target audience. Some production requirements should be contracted to private industry where appropriate.


4. Publication:  Publication and digital distribution is the movement of completed products from the production source to the point of dissemination via blogging and other digital publications including smart mobile applications.


5. Evaluation:  Evaluating is the most resource intensive of all PSYOP tasks. This task requires PSYOP agents to integrate into the intelligence gathering and targeting process. Evaluation includes analysis of impact indicators, surveys, interviews to measure the effectiveness to which PSYOP are achieving their objectives. Study the Google analytics to gather crucial intelligence.  


Freelance digital PSYOP contractors often proto type a PSYOP using blogs and other digital media. American PSYOP has been slow to keep pace with ISIS and other extremist recruiters. The world wide recession is leaving many demographics susceptible to ISIS recruitment as a financial decision. French, American and other Western countries need to come up with long range plans for dealing with the modern digital recruitment efforts of ISIS. 

These five modern freelance digital PSYOP core tasks were adapted and modified from the original United States Army Six Core PSYOP Tasks Field Manual:

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.