Rogue Undercover Investigators

If my death is ruled as foul play occurring under suspicious circumstances there will be a large number of freelance undercover investigators to question.  Currently my life is under siege by private Mossad agents trying to entrap me in theatrical fashion.  Ex-cops are trying to turn me into a domestic terrorist.  A lying lawyer named Lysaght tried to trick me into getting drunk at O’Brien’s Irish Pub. This website was even hacked and as a result I had to pay GoDaddy to debug it and install a firewall.  It will take another $140 to make this a secure website and it doesn’t make financial transactions or generate income.  Perhaps a Go Fund Me campaign is in order.

david terri doan undercover investigators

David and Terri Doan surreptitiously interviewed me at the LAX IHOP.

Is It Real or Is It Detective Doan?

Now my life is like a Kafka movie starring former Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan.  Ex-Chief Doan has sent undercover investigators Kojak Columbo to try and get me to represent them in their divorce proceeding.  I have informed everyone that I am not a lawyer and not even a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant anymore.  At least I have something to blog about so I can learn the intricasies of the Divi WordPress theme.

undercover investigators paul merritt carine kowach

real life kafka characters

Creating content is easy when real life is a Kafkaesque movie.  It has been five years since Undercover Inspector Brian Lysaght tried to get me drunk.  This is only the second blog I’ve written about it however there are sure to be more to come.  If you want to be an interesting blogger it helps to have enemies like Inspector Lysaght.  After my adventures with Inspector Lysaght I broke out in shingles and had a heart attack.  I no longer have the energy to answer to on any more adventures with Lysaght.  I’ll just use Brian Lysaght, Esq. as grist for my blogging mill.

Grist for my poetry mill.  -Ezra Pound

brian lysaght investigator provocateur

Learning advanced wordpress

If you want your links to display custom pop-up titles you have to get out of the new WordPress 5.0 Guttenberg blocks and really get into the Divi modules by Elegant Themes.  It takes a little longer to create link pop-ups and of course there is the learning curve.  I finally taught myself how it works.  I have been so busy blogging that I am not using the full power of Divi.  Writing about undercover investigators and Kundalini yoga has helped me to genterate the content I need to create better and better blogs.  How do you like my graphic style?

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