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Bro. Clement says the Freemason “G” stands for God and Geometry

In 1991 Bro. Robert Cordobes said that the “G” stood for God and not Geometry. Now in 2020 Bro. Clement says the G stands for God and Geometry

Thank God I have just now finally found out a definition of the “G” that works for me. Just now at dinner Bro. Clement said that the “G” in the Masonic logo stands for Geometry and God. All these years I have been blogging that the “G” stands for God, and then I found an article on the web that said the G stands for Geometry. Perhaps by correcting this fundamental error in my spiritual practice I can somehow redeem myself. Perhaps now that I know the truth about the “G” my life will take on a whole new meaning . . .

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One day in 1991 while working at the Southern California Gas Company I walked by Bro. Bob Cordobes cubicle in the Planning Department. Planners are draftsmen who work on new pipeline construction and maintenance. As usual on that particular day Bro. Bob had brought in his personal mail that had just retrieved from his home during his lunch break. Now he was opening, reading, and trashing what he didn’t want on Southern California Gas Company time. As I walked by Bob was scrutinizing a glossy brochure he had just opened and he casually remarked in his thick Cuban accent, “The Freemasons have really nice retirement homes.”

bill pappas unmasonic conduct

When I saw the Masonic logo with the letter “G” framed by a square and compass on both the Masonic Homes brochure and on his diamond Masonic ring I intuitively inquired, “What does the ‘G’ in your logo stand for, Geometry?” Bob pointed to the “G” on his ring and said: “No, the ‘G’ in Freemasonry stands for God.”

eliphas levi's sabbatic goat
Can I have a “G” for Sabbatic Goat?

“G” for Sabbatic Goat

That serendipitous conversation with Bro. Bob Cordobes has been emblazoned in my consciousness to this very day. My journey was to search for the experience of God. My teacher is Bro. Joel S. Goldsmith and so I wanted to become a Freemason because I thought the “G” was for God. I wanted to learn the spiritual secrets of the Freemasons, Knights Templar, the Sabbatic Goat, etc. Now I have just discovered on this date that Bro. Robert Cordobes was wrong and that the “G” in the Freemason logo stands for Geometry and not God. I wonder what else Bro. Bob was wrong about?

p is for polar bear
“P” is for polar bear
The Late Bro. John E. Fetzer Sets Me Straight

Just now while reading the biography of Bro. John E. Fetzer I have discovered that the “G” in the Freemasonry logo stands for Geometry and not God. Bro. Cordobes was wrong about the Masonic “G” but he was right about the Masonic Homes, they really are nice!

geometry and not god
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