watch me install a new camera pointing at the front door of my apartment

Freemasonry begins on the east lawn in front of my apartment.

We need an additional new camera and transmitter installation to cover the east lawn because every Mason knows that Freemasonry begins in the east. Therefore in order to accomplish this, I have taken the liberty of temporarily removing the camera from the north lawn streetlight and temporarily installing it on the streetlight at the east lawn in front of my apartment.

If you are a law enforcement agent with access to this camera please check the image of my apartment on your mobile device. For some reason I have not yet been authorized access to the David Doan Masonic Security App.

Looking towards the east

Thank You David Doan

Wow! Chief Doan just texted me this stunning image of my front door as seen by the new video security camera I just rigged up in the east. Remember, this new camera set up is only temporary. I took the unauthorized action of removing the camera from the north lawn and temporarily installing it overlooking my apartment on the east lawn because Freemasonry begins in the east.

freemasonry begins in the east
Now you can see my front door
new security camera pointed at my windows
. . . and you can also see my back door!

Looking Out My Back Door

It is comforting to know that Chief Doan cares enough to take the very best care of me. It must have cost a small fortune to install all of this new technology keeping me safe. If you see my drapes only opened half way in the morning it is only because this streetlight ruins the dawn breaking into my apartment. It is too bright and blocks out the subtle dawn colors. If I close the drapes halfway the sunrise still looks good to my eyeballs. When the sunrise is gone I open the drapes all the way because the streetlight is less distracting at 7:00 a.m.

camera pointed at my windows
This is the view looking out my back door