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Grand Master Inquisitor

Transmutation of Sexual Energy In Freemasonry

The second thing an Entered Apprentice is asked during his initiation ritual into the Freemasons is: “What came you here to do?” The correct answer is: To learn to ….. improve myself in Masonry.” The rest of the initiation is secret. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the secrets of Freemasonry but it is well worth it. Masonic education provided the compass and square that enabled me to figure out my own solutions. The secret of Freemasonry is in making the practice of sacred geometry an integral part of your daily life. Exactly how does that work?

Improving Investigator Skills With Geometric Observation

The secret to being a good detective is to learn how to visualize symbols to improve your emotional intelligence and become a calm & detached observer. It is also just a good philosophy of life. Law enforcement officers must attend classes to learn how to become trained observers. Human senses and the memory can be sharpened with practice. Visualize symbolic representations between objects and become a professional observer. It is important to quiet the mind and become one with your surroundings. Now you are ready to go undercover with Kojak Columbo.

Paul Merritt Christiansen entrapment defense
Carine “Kojack” Kowatch and Paul Merritt “Columbo” Christiansen at undercover investigator school.

Many Detectives are Freemasons

Have you ever thought of becoming an intellectual property investigator? Investigating counterfeit DVD’s has put many Masonic investigators to work. Hollywood will pay you handsomely to stop intellectual property pirates. You even get to travel to Asia to investigate the wide assortment of bootleg products available on the market today.

FILE PHOTO: Former LAPD Deputy Chief, Chief of Robbery/Homicide Detectives David R. Doan explaining the geometry of counterfeit DVD operations to City of Los Angeles Controller Wendy Gruel and Nutch the Bulldog D.A.

David R. Doan, Masonic Investigator

Staring at the Shriner’s photograph of David R. Doan’s shoes for a few minutes jogged my memory as if I opened up a file in a computer in my brain. I know those shoes! As I went back in time images and words came flooding back into my memory. Sometime back in 2011 David R. Doan, PGM interviewed me in the International House of Pancakes restaurant at Manchester & Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester, California. Most Worshipful Brother Doan was accompanied by a brunette woman.

At that time Most Worshipful represented that he was a homeless veteran living at the Midnight Mission in Downtown L.A. It was all part of my secret interview process to advance to the next level of Freemasonry. The whole ritual was so secret I didn’t even know about it until it was all over. Freemasons are full of secrets . . .

My Life is a Masonic Movie

Now seven years later it all comes flooding back to me. Freemasonry has opened up parts of my brain I didn’t even know I had. My life is like a Masonic adventure movie. Check out the trailer for a movie my Lodge brothers at Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge 307 made:

Selling the Sizzle Not the Steak

The movie 33 & Beyond is only selling the sizzle because the steak is a secret. Most people watch videos and read articles about the Freemasons. I just joined them instead of watching movies about them. It was easier to just join the Freemasons than find out what they were about from secondary sources. I join everything. My life is like that. My life is like a movie with lots of action and bloodshed. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh because a good movie is dynamic like that.

Featured Image Photo Credit: PASADENA, CA – DECEMBER 29: Shriners Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles board chairman David R. Doan attends Celebrities Decorate The Shriners Rose Parade Float – Shriners Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles at The Rose Palace on December 29, 2015 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/WireImage)

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