Is Freemasonry Relevant in post-George Floyd America?

Freemasonry is Inherently Divisive

Many organizations from the Washington Redskins to Aunt Jemima syrup are changing their image as a result of the George Floyd-Black Lives Matter protests. Even the Sierra Club is distancing itself from the white supremacy views held by founder and California demagogue John Muir. Will freemasonry be forced to change like the statute of Albert Pike was forcefully torn down and burned? Or will freemasonry voluntary relinquish it’s racist past? Black Americans had to start their own Masonic Ritual because the American Colonists of the 16th Century refused to initiate Blacks in White Lodges. Freemasonry is inherently divisive because it practices racism and sexism by excluding blacks and women from being initiated into the fraternity. Freemasons are good at dividing up the hours of the day and separating the white balls from the black balls.

freemasonry is inherently divisive

BLACK BALLED: Grand Lodge of California Could Consolidate Prince Hall Freemasonry

When Masonic Bro. Albert Pike practiced racism against Blacks he only really hurt freemasonry because Blacks just went off and started their own Prince Hall Freemasonry. If Prince Hall can get a charter from Ireland why shouldn’t he be granted an American charter? If the Grand Lodge of California granted a consolidation charter to Prince Hall today, wouldn’t it be better than being called out on this inequity in another two hundred years? Freemasonry could take advantage of the George Floyd Reformation by consolidating Prince Hall Freemasonry before a powerful third party like Black Lives Matter calls them out the racism in modern freemasonry. t

MISOGYNY EXEMPLIFIED: The Order of Women Freemasons is not officially recognized by the Grand Lodge of England

Make Masonry Relevant by Initiating Women

Although not officially recognized by the Grand Lodge of England, women do practice freemasonry in England. The Grand Lodge of England could make masonry more relevant by granting a charter to and consolidating the Order of Women Freemasons. If the Grand Lodge of California admits openly homosexual men then why not initiate women into the order?

prince hall freemasonry
Masonry is inherently divisive with White Masonry and Black Masonry
Albert Pike’s brand of freemasonry is just inherently divisive

Sometimes I feel like freemasonry abandoned me soon after I was raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons. For some unstated reason the Brethren denied my admission into the ranks of Albert Pike’s Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Maybe it turned out to be a good thing. Is Scottish Rite Freemasonry irrelevant in a post-George Floyd World? Probably so would be my answer.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by SAMUEL CORUM/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10685876p) Employees of the US National Park Service attempt to remove a statue of Confederate General Albert Pike after it was toppled and defaced near Judiciary Square the previous night following a day of Juneteenth celebrations in Washington, DC, USA, 20 June 2020. Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, annually on 19 June celebrates the liberation of people who had been slaves in the US. The death of African-American George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody has sparked global protests and outrage. Statue of Confederate General Albert Pike toppled in Washington, DC, USA – 20 Jun 2020