masons do not discuss politics

Real Masons Do Not Discuss Sex, Politics or Religion

Good Freemasons Do Not Discuss Politics

Authentic Freemasons do not discuss politics, sex or religion at the dinner table or anywhere else. However Masons do write about politics, sex and religion. Real Masons don’t brutalize captive audiences with diatribes. Real Masons also do not shove their religion down other peoples throats while they are trying to eat food. The purpose of this article is to declare war on Mr. Dean Arnell’s nauseatingly hypocritical prayers in the dining hall at MHC.

Until a few days ago I had the unfortunate experience of dining with Masons who did discuss politics at the table. It wasn’t really a discussion. It was a tongue lashing in which brother Masons engaged in demonizing “Democrats” as if the entire Democratic Party was of one unified mind. It was nauseating. I had to just sit there and take it. It was as if my brother Masons were attacking the dignity of millions of Americans. Thank God I sit at a different table now. Thank God my beloved California has declared war on President Trump.

discuss politics

War on Trump

California has declared war on Trump because it is the right thing to do. California has negotiated with major automobile manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency and the Trump administration wants the EPA to lower fuel efficiency standards. In other words, California says no to smog and to Trump. California is also demanding Trumps tax filings as a condition to being on the primary ballot. Other states should follow these same mandates.

masons do not discuss politics
Dean Arnell as President Trump

Where Is Your Mexican Financed Wall?

We are over halfway through this four year nightmare, so where is your wall now loser? Trump got elected by saying that Mexico would pay for his hateful wall. Now Trump is trying to get America to pay for his wall of ignorance. Trump’s supporters are so stupid that they cannot see the fallacy involved. He got elected by saying one thing and now he is attempting to do another. I asked the Brother if he was still supporting Trump even though there is no wall. Instead of an answer to my question I got another dose of ignorant double talk about “Democrats”.
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