Thou Shalt Not Fuck Thy Neighbors Icon

 The Tale of the Fuck Religion and How They Fucked Lupe 

“Fuck Religion” is like a shot-gun wedding in a New Mexico frontier town.  Let’s drag that next-door neighbor girl Lupe out of her hacienda and fuck her religion while we beat on drums and chant!  Bhajanism is the new “Fuck Religion” that celebrates the shot-gun marriage of the Virgin of Guadalupe & Yogi Bhajan.  Hoax piled upon hoax.  Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism have already been forcibly wed together by the Bhajanists. Now the icons of Sikhism and a ridiculous Mexican hoax have been skillfully joined together in a mural hanging at 3HO headquarters in Espanola, New Mexico. 

Virgin of Guadalupe creator Juan Diego is a fake just like Yogi Bhajan.  3HO probably has a deceptively concocted reason at-the-ready to explain this mural.  Forget their reasons.  The Bjahanists have used the Guadalupe hoax of 200 year-old scam artist Juan Diego & Sikh gurus to create layers upon layers of fake religious bullshit.  Bhajanists probably say this mural merely depicts veneration of a female deity. 

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a well-documented hoax and embarrassment to the Catholic Church.  Catholics like myself cringe at this medieval Black Virgin voodoo crap.  This is audacious religious propaganda by Bhajanists.  This is religious agitpropThis is Kool-Aid.

Kool-Aid |  The Bhajanists cannot lie their way out of this deceptive imagery.  This is the sophisticated con artistry of fake Sikh holy man Yogi Bhajan.  This is really dangerous imagery designed to fool the illiterate peasants in New Mexico.  This is religious cult Kool-Aid.  Turbans are the new Kool-Aid, wear the Kool-Aid!

 Mash Up 

Just like Reese’s peanut butter cups created a totally new flavor by mashing peanut butter together with chocolate, the Bhajanists have mashed the Sikh logo with the Virgin Mary to create an exotic new flavor called Fuck Religion.  Little girls in kundalini yoga classes love to eat this shit up.

born bhajanist change name

 Fuck Religion And Down Dog Too! 

Now the Fuck Religion wants to even fuck your dog!  Con man Yogi Bhajan  changed the name from Down Dog to Triangle Pose to fuck yoga just like he steals the Virgin Mary to fuck religion.  The Bhajanist Religion was born by raping the Sikh Religion and grew to maturity by butt-fucking Kundalini Yoga.  I paid money to sit in a kundalini class at Yoga West and have Guru Singh threaten me on behalf of this Kundalini Kaur Kirpan swinging emasculation. I even had to learn how to spell Kirpan Knife Korrectly.  Now Bhajanism and the KKK are coming after you and your religion too!   

kundalini kaur kripan

 Fuck Religion That Fucks With You 

If you support Kundalini Yoga and Bhajanism then you support perpetrators of sex crimes against women and children. Bhajanists engage in the emotional trafficking of women and children with their phallic sword worshiping rituals. Fuck Religion may even be illegal in your local jurisdiction.  A good way to get starry-eyed social justice warriors like the Southern Poverty Law Center to pay attention to your web site is to publish articles discussing the harmful effects of the KKK upon innocent little children.  

kundalini weaponization

 Criminal Prosecution 

Bhajanist sex crimes must not be allowed to continue. The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the unprosecuted serial crimes of the Bhajanist Fuck Religion.  Bhajanism is fucking up yoga.  Yoga is not Sikh Religion.  The purpose of this article is to reclaim kundalini yoga from the Bhajanists.  Just like Dogen Kygen stripped Buddhism down to create Zen, Kundalini must be stripped down to purify it from Bhajanism.   Wake up and stop fucking your neighbor’s religion!

kundalini chanting bait switch yoga

 Tear Down That Mural 

Mr. Bhajanist, “Tear down that mural!”  Show some goddamned respect for your neighbors voodoo religion and stop stealing other people’s religious icons.  Stop ripping little girls off by advertising kundalini yoga and selling them Sikh religion.  Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Bhajanism is a rip-off that is harming women and children is an insidious manner. 

insidious definition screen shotfuck religion

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.