New Moon

full moon bath

Arc of the Full Moon

I’m so in love with the arc of the full moon that it has become like a new friend when it greets me in the morning. It’s 6:40 am and I went outside with my iPad to reorient myself so I could write this blog with the moonlight shining on me.  The full moon says goodnight to me when I go to bed and good morning to me when I wake up. Early to bed, early to rise and create my own little version of reality during morning meditation.

Morning meditation

Inside Skull Job

Have you ever shaved the inside of your skull? You really only need to shave the inside of your head once or twice. Once you shave off all of your old belief systems really good the first time, you only need to trim the inside of your skull sporadically. When you get rid of your manufactured anxiety you can fill your consciousness with the pure white light of the full moon.

God hole head

Leaving Palm Springs

I left Palm Springs by the light of the Harvest Moon and returned to West Los Angeles to study and practice Kundalini yoga before the whole yoga craze dies out. My plan was to join the Russell Brand-Madonna infested celebrity Golden Bridge Kundalini yoga studio in Hollywood, but it closed down and went out of business. Kundalini is all about breath of fire & meditation and not for mass consumption. The kids just want to work out with Teeny Bopper vinyasa pop rock dance beat floor exercise yoga. So I’ll work/practice yoga four days a week until I feel done with it in a few months. 

Future Moon

I don’t really see myself living in my beloved hometown of Los Angeles this summer because the weather is too hot and anything fun gets really crowded by the afternoon. This summer I would like to be a full time tourist living in Alaska. I’ll just rent rooms and ferry around on boats for the whole summer and blog about it. I should spend some more time overseas but I would really like to visit Mt. Rushmore . . .